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    Looking for affiliates, fitness niche ideally!

    Hii, send me a pm please:-)
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    What's the best (and safest) bot at the moment?

    just start slowly (around 50 a day) and go up with little steps. you will be fine
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    What is the best moment to stop botting?

    I dont know your niche, but look what big accounts in your niche post. Try to see a patern in the content that goes viral. This is the quickest way to grow
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    What is the best moment to stop botting?

    Do you mean 600-1k total? if so, keep botting till you atleast hit 15-20k
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    Where can I invest in to grow account?

    I'd say go for a bot. $20 doesnt buy you much with shoutouts. With a bot you can automatize your likes and follows, which results in a growth of your account
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    How to make money with my personal account

    Aah, that must have changed in the mean while? Haven't used it in a long time
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    How many different Accounts are you building?

    I run 4 accounts of 1 niche with 3 sub-niches. I started with one account till that one was around 50k, then I knew how to grow other account fairly quick without spending too much time. Therefore, I would say start with one and make that one excellent first
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    How to make money with my personal account

    I would say, try famebit. There you have many offers per niche that you could promote with a personal account:-)
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    How to monetize on instagram

    why do you make two threads? What is the niche?
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    Which IG should I buy?

    As stated before, I guess Cover is too general. The first thought to my mind was a book cover or something like that. Therefore, Sing will be music specific and much more marketable!
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    47,670 Instagram Followers in One Month

    I have an account that meets those requirements. How do I apply for this engagement group?
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    Hitting explore and amount of followers gained ?

    that sure is good! 1.5k followers from just one post is great:-)
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    analyze IG Account

    i would say iconosquare. this gives you these insights
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    47,670 Instagram Followers in One Month

    Hii IGKing, I have a question. Do you maybe know how this account ( get on average 10k followers a day and max 15k a day.. its crazy. They spam the shit out of instagram, however will this make you grow this quick?
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    Hashtags ghosted, but not in top posts..

    Hmm that is weird... guess we are getring bs'd haha