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    Spoofing canvas and webgl

    Just to let you know guys, this was total nonsense. Having a good recaptcha score seems not related to the fact that Google isn't detecting me. Because even with 0.7-0.9 score, it did detect me indeed. So that score is a good starting point, but don't rely too much on it. Google has many more...
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    Spoofing canvas and webgl

    You need a REALLY strong setup to bot Google. I am at the point where I'm not even sure if botting Google is doable or not. Having good proxies etc will not be enough. not even close! Any good proxy still leaks with WebRTC, disable it and you will have problems too. I guess you can't even think...
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    Spoofing canvas and webgl

    It's a chromium flag, look up in Google you will find your answers! ;) It's been a while since I tried multogin. Is it giving a consistent and not unique canvas now? That's something I still want to do and was never able to accomplish. Canvas emulation is still a big question
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    Spoofing canvas and webgl

    PM sent
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    How Google detects automation at signin

    Yes I already know this method, google still knows that you're a bot and the problem isn't solved
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    How Google detects automation at signin

    Hey there I made some research regarding this topic as recently I get sign-in blocked by google even with my strongest bot config (browser may not be secure error). After some hours I encountered this super interesting issue: basically if you are automating chrome, firefox or whatever your are...
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    [Fingerprinting] Behavioural Biometrics

    interesting! following I don't believe that currently this could be a major problem as it seems inconsistent, but it will surely become one in the near future
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    List of crap HR Views we've already tried

    I suggest you to start experimenting with Adwords and forget about panel/traffic views.
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    Creating a spam network

    Hey there, as I need to extensively test my bot setup, I will start a long and tedious journey: the goal is to create and manage accounts on the following platforms: - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Google - YouTube - Spotify - TripAdvisor - TrustPilot - Twitch My plan is not to create...
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    How do you spoof correctly a mobile browser on a PC?

    You can't! If you want to just upload pics, set a mobile useragent, but reaching a point where you emulate perfectly mobile environment and fingerprinting on pc is just impossible
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    Ask me anything about Facebook Ads 2020

    How can I run a giveaway ad without having the 10% quality score issue?
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    I can bot anything - how to rank fast?

    Thanks for your feedback. But you're wrong You're right, but still if it is possible I want to use my knowledge in SEO field too haha funny Thanks for the feedback! But you're wrong, I can Sharing link on social networks and boosting them it's nice. Thanks for your reply! I think more at...
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    I can bot anything - how to rank fast?

    Hey guys assuming you can automate any task on any web page with genuine profiles (clean IPs, etc) in large quantities, what do you think is the fastest way to provide authority to a new website?