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    What smartphone do you guys use?

    iPhone - like @davids355 said, doesn't have to be the latest. I had the iPhone 10 and would have kept the 10 if I didn't need dual SIM for 2 phone numbers. The phone needs to be new enough to use the latest versions of apps, but that's the extent. iMessage is just a staple in international...
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    Ever wondered how people are passing selfie & ID verification?

    Damn wtf I can't even figure out which one is the original
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    Using Cashapp for receiving money for SMM business?

    I'd assume it's similar to the process for Venmo. I have both but I can't remember Cash app or Zelle's requirements very well. First, to get the Venmo app, simply make a fresh iCloud account and set USA as the country. That'll allow you to download the US apps. You don't need to be a citizen...
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    Macdonjo's Canadian PBN, eh? BHW's 1st .CA ONLY PBN ✅HIGH DR ✅HIGH RD ✅LOW OBL PBN ⚡

    Trying to rank on You need a .ca PBN network built on editorial and other strong links.
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    Just finished reading through. This ebook contains a handful of methods to get your brain juices flowing. At $65, you're looking at like <$10/method which is certainly worth it. The screenshots are clear and very explanatory. The wording is easy to understand. There's no fluff. The methods...
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    [Help] How much will me cost a link from this site ?

    You can usually get a free link from a lot of these sites if your product is legit and you have a good affiliate platform. I recently scooped up a ton of DR80-90 links doing that. If your site is some sort of churn and burn then I'm sure it's 4 figures if its root domain and d0follow.
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    7878's dice-method | Will post results in the upcoming days

    Financially I am sure he is doing well actually.
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    How to promote your NFT Sale?

    This is too broad of a question. Our launch did pretty good after some grinding but I also had several A-list celebs and pro athletes involved which helps. What's your utility? Who's behind it? Do you have the funds for the utility already?
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    My chrome is lagging

    Post a screenshot of your task manager (windows) or activity manager (mac) I don't know how people are diagnosing this without seeing the full picture
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    First time thinking of selling my website

    I have dealt with them all and saying bad things about each of them does nothing for my own good, while it may help you. If you search YouTube for internet marketing topics, I suppose you'll find Matt Diggity outting how every Empire Flippers client site makes money through a partnership with...
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    First time thinking of selling my website

    Empire Flippers is sketchy. Personally after dealing with all of them, I'd go with Quiet Light Brokerage.
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    Do you ever feel uncertainty from being self-employed?

    I can't complain about that, but of course as expected, once you hit 5 figures per month, you just start chasing 5 figures a day (personal income, not sales), so it continues. I believe 5 figures per day will be easier to hit than 5 figures per month because basically the jump is to just...
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    [Journey] KDP Self-Publishing 2020 (Grayhat)

    Do you think you could make AMS profitable even if you had the $6k budget?
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    Do you ever feel uncertainty from being self-employed?

    I've addressed this in other threads. Basically once you're working 14+ hours a day, it gets mentally exhausting. Most studies say you need to take a ~5 minute break every 30-60 minutes. Some scroll social media... Me? I go to the gym once then shitpost on the forums and get into pissing...