Welcome to my proxy shop.

If you are looking for someone delivering you the best possible 4G/5G mobile proxies and someone who would care for your business as his own, this is the right place.

Proxy service

- Unlimited data & threads
- Your personal device with individual SIM card, no sharing
- IP change by API link or time-based rotation
- Clean and unsaturated IP subnets
- Great stealth, no leaking, no detections
- Always all carriers available, large IP pools

- Latvia
- Lithuania
- (in-testing) Romania
- (in-testing) Poland
- (in-testing) United Kingdom

Large stock available, can supply you with 500+ dongles.

For bulk buyers, I can setup you any EU country, DM me for details.

- 4G: 20-70 Mbits
- 4G+: 100-200 Mbits
- 5G: 350-700 Mbits

Pricing 4G
- $80 only $60/month per device for BHW members.
- Bulk discounts are available, as low as $39/device.

Pricing 4G+ and 5G
- Right now each case is priced individually

How to order?
- DM me on the forum
- Telegram: lucky_sparks

Delivery time
- Usually instant or a few hours tops for small orders.

- You're entitled to a 100% refund if the delivered service is not working as claimed or promoted.

About me
I'm a software engineer building mostly automation projects that requires some degree of stealth and detection evasions. I've built proxy infrastructure for myself and was able to scale and make it available for others too.
June 21
Software Engineer
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