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    ✅Verified Facebook Business Managers ▶️NO LIMIT | OKFB SHOP

    got a reply, says somebody removed my access by mistake. Got a full refund.
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    ✅Verified Facebook Business Managers ▶️NO LIMIT | OKFB SHOP

    SCAM! They removed my access after the payment landed. Was asked to PAY 120$, not the 79$ claimed in the thread. He sent me 2 invite links, I got access to the BM and next day they removed my access. Attached you have conversation and payment proof.
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    Business Manager Account Limit -1

    Whenever dear FB has any suspicions on you, they don't raise the Ad accounts limit. There are 2 future scenarios here: 1. they'll raise the Limit to 5 after you spend 300-400$ 2. they wouldn't raise the limit till you don't verify your Business I'm talking out of my experience.
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    Amazon Affiliate: Zero to Hopefully Hero

    This thread look great. Keep working and don't give up. Write some answers on quora and reddit with links to your website articles. That will help in making google check it more often
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    Making 100$ a day with big Q - Botting Atleast 110 accs

    Hi, you've done a great job here. 1. I'd suggest getting spinned content through grammarly, that will make it more human readable. I bet you get a lot of spinned answers reported by real users cause it may be unreadable. 2. Your authority website has links only from quora or you've worked...
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    Facebook need CC verify

    I've also meet this. 2 times out of 10 facebook will ask for bank verification, to avoid this don't attach cards on accounts that get checkpoint locked fast. Also i've seen that adding a phone number to the fb account adds some trust to the account. You sayd are using new facebook accounts, how...
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    Facebook Ads Manager Strobing

    Hi, Recently I encountered a bug in the Facebook Ads Manager with which I need help Explanation: On the last step when setting a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager, when I want to scroll down to press "Publish campaign" or to just see other boxes that need to be filled in the browser, display...
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    [2019 EZ Journey]Go to 50 account / 1K followers per day

    Here are my 2 cents - Buy new IG accounts in Bulk (ex:200 x 0,4$) - Follow/Unfollow - low rates - 5/hour Basically you get same number of followers per day but accounts work slow and IG doesn't keep the eye on you. From GMT2 you can set Global Schedule of all actions from settings > Top corner...
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    FB Account creation Issues

    FB started to mass deactivate OLD Aged non-used accounts. So now if you buy aged accounts without Activity you'll get checkpoint locked 2-3 times after what the account will get disabled. Tried accs from different sellers with cookies and without all behave the same. Anyone having same...
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    Create UNLIMITED Free VPS in 10 minutes

    Right click on the DESKTOP > Applications --> Shells --> Bash (click on Bash). Type: firefox Not sure what happens, I think this is some kind of security. The server is actually not restarting, it just resets. I mean it closes all active apps. I tried to auto-run VNC through rc.local & through...
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    Create UNLIMITED Free VPS in 10 minutes

    Server restarts at each 15-20 minutes. Need to start VNC again and again.
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    Youtube Journey To Make At Least 2000$ First month

    nice one. Can you please give us a hint on examples of old tv shows? where you get them? torrents?
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    ☆ Facebook Ad Accounts | Postpaid | EUR | Plug & Play ☆

    Are the fb accounts farmed or real?