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    Instagram reels is a joke

    I don't use my personal mobile for IM, but it's weird cause I opened a new account using the same phone and I reposted the videos on the new account and they are still up.
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    Instagram reels is a joke

    I reposted videos from my TikTok account on IG reels and out of 12 only 3 remain. I thought maybe the videos were bad after all, until I took a 5 sec video recording of the sky with no sound at all and that video too got taken down for violating community guidelines. 8 sec video of my face...
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    How can I make such a post

    Makes sense. Thanks
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    YouTube shorts

    I'm curious as to how the platform works. I come from a region where the niche I want to go into has no market. In my experience with TikTok the videos are promoted, not based on hashtags you include, but it's first shown to a group in the region you are in and then to other regions if the...
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    How can I make such a post

    I can't figure out how when you click on this post it leads you elsewhere yet there are no signs of a link anywhere except that download button. I'm having a bit of an issue with imgur
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    Unable to appeal violation

    I posted a video and it was taken down, but I'm unable to appeal. When I hit the 'see more details' button I get this error What could be the problem?
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    YouTube playlist question

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    YouTube playlist question

    The share button is what I can't find
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    YouTube playlist question

    I've seen some people having playlists curated from videos from other channels and they are ranking on YouTube. Is it possible to do that with my own account and share that playlist to different platforms like Facebook?
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    Softcore videos of hot girls

    What hashtags they use is what I've been unable to figure out
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    Softcore videos of hot girls

    Where can I find them in bulk? Not necessarily of the same female
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    Whats was your reason/goal for getting into internet marketing?

    Had a shitty job and it was stressful too. Then I got into CPA marketing and made $300 in 2 weeks. That was my gross salary.
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    CPA Method = $$$$

    E That's exactly what happens to me. Whenever I'm unable to come up with a new method I visit bhw or go on YouTube and type "CPA marketing free methods". Pretty sure what I'll get doesn't work anymore, but I'm sure I'll come up with something unique from those "dead" methods
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    Joint venture

    I'm not allowed to post in the bhw joint ventures section. How else would I go about finding a business partner here?
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    Unable to join groups

    Last time I joined a group was like two years ago Just four and I don't usually post using my personal Facebook account. Still has to allow me to send a request to join