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    Yes! It appears that is currently blocked in Russia.

    Hi guys, I have a couple of sites that has been blocked by the Russian government. I haven't been able to figure out why my sites are getting blocked. It looks like the Federal Tax Service is blocking the sites. Has anyone experienced something like this before? Topic of the sites is...
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    Newbie here

    Welcome! Quick tip - search for old posts before posting any simple questions. A lot is already answered in older threads and many is up to date with new updates :)
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    Build Your Brand Value Through Our Premium Quality Content @ Just $3.50/500 Words

    Seller approved. Good quality. Will order again.
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    [IG + CPA] Results with only 1 account

    Can I ask how direct are you in your DMs ? Do you smooth in the link and offer, or are you going straight up: "Hey, check this out -LINK- It's pretty cool"
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    HBD Mark Zuckerberg

    Everybody remember to say into your phone "Happy Birthday Mark"..
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    Let's make a video from your article

    I am in! Any subject?
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    I have to pay 47% in tax for my SEO income

    Fuck Sweden. Fuck Denmark. Fuck socialism.
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    [Help] How to earn money with my Instagram accounts?

    I would probably make a list of business that could be interested in having their products featured on your accounts. Maybe a kitchen supplies / Kitchen knives company for your food blog. Write them an email with stats and such of your account. Try suggest that you can post 6-10 posts with their...
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    Solo VA - Hire an Experienced Virtual Assistant [Admin - WordPress - SEO]

    Worked with Dhia on a few different projects. PBN handling and project management with other people. Always good work, reliable and skilled guy. Would definitely use him again.
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    Super Easy To Rank CPA Websites – 100% Complete Sites Made For You!

    Can I get a sample to see?