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    RedditTasker - Reddit Marketing Software - Bulk Reddit Account Manager-Bulk Upvote-Bulk Downvote

    Hey mate any discount :)? WOuld love to use/try it
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    Is chaturbate dead?

    I would advise to diversify your risk, and if you plan 50k signups - and you have budget and maybe the time for it anyways and are looking for long-term, why dont do a own camsite ? with 50k paying users you should do more than your affiliate rev share ;)
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    Is chaturbate dead?

    1 $ signups or full revshare ?
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    Twitter announces paid Super Follows to let you charge for tweets

    I wonder if they care about doing that for adult content/girls ...
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    Sugar Mommies - any experience?

    Sounds decent tbh, had a thought about it, for fun not bcs of the money side lol
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    How to make big money online?

    LIKE this, a lot more ways tbh in the adult industry, 4-5 figures/a month are super simpel
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    How to make big money online?

    Girls, just Girls.
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    youtube shorts in 2021

    Not true at all sorry. Saw direct usecases new long videos went nuts just bcs of some good performing shorts
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    youtube shorts in 2021

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    youtube shorts in 2021

    You can also do tiktok and just remove the watermark, not long until youtube will start to reduce reach for watermarks videos like Instagram does.
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    Don't you miss the old days of making money online?

    It was easier, but you have waayyy more options today and way less entry barriers. Also way more scalability options and in your case "targets"
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    youtube shorts in 2021

    Saw insane results with shorts, will integrate on some projects I guess. Sadly did not have time yet to test
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    What is your driving force for living ?

    If you feel like this and work in the fields, why don't you work in weed fields? Would improve your life quality as it seems