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    Google rejected our website, for strange reason, how to get around it?

    No, its the wise account. They like real cards with real persons attached.
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    Do you drink coffee in the morning?

    My day doesn't start without drinking two cups of turkish coffee Then 3 to 5 Cups of tea during the day
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    Why do People HATE Elon Musk so much?

    Just like Andre Tate and Kanye, he ws very lovable and everyone praised them until he decided to leave the organization and play alone. It's Simple! They are mad because he decided to let anyone talk on twitter as they want, and you can't do that.
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    Will Paypal sue me for 200K USD in negative balance?

    The OP disappeared few months ago. Should we worry about him?
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    DA = 2 Site with 200 Pages published - With over 300k visits/month!

    I am certain its the traffic location :)
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    DA = 2 Site with 200 Pages published - With over 300k visits/month!

    I was ranking for Best Samsung Phone in Year, Best Vacuum Cleaner, Best men Shaver.... etc
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    Google files against seo company!!!

    Ranking promises is something, and calling people pretending to be google is something else. He must be out of his mind to call people, pretend to be google agent, and threatens them for their business listing!
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    Who’s going to win the FIFA World Cup 2022 ?

    I don't watch football but I would say brazil or spain .. why? because its always like that
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    What is your view on Porn and Masturbation?

    I don't do neither and I never had sex before marriage thanks to my religion and beleifs. I am 31 btw, so no one say you must be 12 or something Not here for a debate, just found all the replies taking one side, so, I thought its healthy to show its not the only option and the world is vast :)
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    What is your opinion on “money can’t buy happiness”?

    Of course, money can't buy happiness. It can be the cause of your sorrow and sandess and it can ruin your life. Search for lottery winners stories and you will hear some horrors. So, like any resource, it depends on how you use it. However, poverty is a certain cause of sorrow and depression...
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    Is Jr. VIP/Premium Worth It?

    I have always used White Theme as well ^_^. So, never mind them @xReminisce .. Your theme color is a reflection of your inner true color (A) @OP, There is no tangible value in the Jr.VIP People buy it either to open their BST or just because they feel they should pay back to the forum as a...
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    Niche edits and guest post from large sites and without internal backlinks are quite useless

    Sitewife backlinks are vwey powerful but if you have good competition, you will go down with time. Give it 8 months and its power will start to fade. Same as 301 redirects
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    Niche edits and guest post from large sites and without internal backlinks are quite useless

    Well, it is simple logic :) and its quite astonishing how many people don't get it, right! You are 100% spot on for the first past. Of course orphan pages are useless because they got no juice from their website. Actually, its not about interlinking, its about backlinks as whole. The page which...
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    Ahrefs is nuts with the new Credits system

    I think Semrush already took their place. Few years ago, there were huge difference between backlink and keyword reports between ahrefs and semrush. Now, all the tools give you exact same result. So, ahrefs lost its strength points anyway. While Similarweb gave their weird pricing system and...
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    Is BlackHat dead?

    Like I guessed, you are one crazy person investing all this money in such risky keywords. Yeah, it must be a game for you to jump into this. And no worries, no one in this forum would jump into this ^_^