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    Facebook cuopons !!

    what is wrong with people recommending promoting CPA with facebook ads. Every noob knows that it will get you banned and you surely do not want to get banned during these crazy facebook times.
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    The current crisis of Facebook

    do you guys have any info on when will they be back to normal?
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    Page Can't Advertise but Business Manager OK

    when you get a low feedback score on a Facebook page it is better to change the page even if they still allow you to advertise with it. Because a low feedback score means that Facebook will send you bad traffic and give you higher CPMs as a punishment.
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    When do you think FB will be normal again?

    We hope after trump leaves, things will be back to how it used to.
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    Need Several Different Cards For Each FB Account. Should I Use VCC's? What's The Best Option?

    Did you find what you are looking for. If yes, please share here.
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    look here for some courses .They have many.
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    Will facebook ever stop the ban hammer and retrn to its previous state?

    Hey guys. I know many of you here rely entirely on Facebook ads and just cannot be as profitable with other platforms like with Facebook. I would like to know about your opinion of what is going on right now and what is going to happen. The elections have ended almost a month ago, but accounts...
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    if the problem is with the funds that enter your paypal. You want to use them to run ads. just link a credit card to it, withdraw money to it and then use that card to pay for ads. Don't use that paypal with another ad account.
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    Is it necessary for me to use MLA if I only mange 1-2 Facebook accounts?

    Hope more experienced people here answer you. what I usually see being recommended as an alternative is using Kameleo as for proxies they mostly say luminati but I hope to hear more info from experienced people here. I wonder if a VM will work fine.
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    Facebook NID verification please help?

    I have been looking for solutions here too. Some people managed to create a fake ID using photoshop and it worked for them. just search here in the facebook section of the forum. If you cannot do it professionally, get someone to do it for you.
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    Verifying ID

    Probably not but I suggest to use a driving license or passport on one account and ID on the other account.
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    Anyone have trouble creating a fb account?

    Hey man do you use a proxy with your bluestacks ? When you use bluestacks what does it block Facebook from?
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    [Method] Facebook ad account banned? Create a stealth one easily.

    When you said ID you meant FB account.Right? I suggest you edit your post so that those with more knowledge can understand help you out.
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    Can anyone explain please the VMs plus Proxy method of running multiple facebook ad accounts method?

    Thank you so much for the reply. It is hard to get replies sometimes for questions like this. I have few more questions if you do not mind. Have you tried something like this before and worked with no issues? If I want to run things like him, would the steps be for example, install 3 nox players...
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    Can anyone explain please the VMs plus Proxy method of running multiple facebook ad accounts method?

    Hey guys I heard from one person who is running 40 Business Managers all in one computer with no issues and he did not want to give away his secrets but he dropped a hint he said he is using multiple Virtual phones on his device in addition to VPN. I assume that the VPN website offers him...