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    WTB Upcloud Account with high Server limits (100-1000)

    Hello, its actually really simple I just need Upcloud Accounts with high Server Limits to create Proxies If you have one or can create one from 100-1000 please dm me with your price and we can talk about it Kind regards, JustProxs
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    How to make Proxies with Squid on a VPS with a /24 Subnet (IP Range)

    Hello, there are lots of tutorials on how to make proxies with squid given additional IPs but i wanted to know if there is a way (and if pls point me to the direction) to configure a whole subnet on a VPS. I already got the /24 Subnet and the KVM I heard something about configuring the /24 mask...
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    How to create Datacenter Proxies

    Hello, i am a pretty new user to BHW but have been reading a lot before i joined about this topic. My current knowledge is that you can find VPN providers and ask them for addition IPs to turn these into proxies or rent subnets and turn these into proxies. My problem with the first thing though...