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    Action Blocks in Mostly Accounts

    I have the exact same problem; Although my Accounts are 2.5 months old and have 2-3K followers; 2 accounts/proxy and 1 post a day; I limit the follow/unfollow to 500/day and auto likes to new followers so no more than 200/day; I thought I was being conservative...
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    My Instagram Journey

    Thanks a million for your feedback on Jarvee; I will try it this week;
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    My Instagram Journey

    Thanks a million for this great thread and amazing patience replying to questions repetitivly asked. Wish you best of luck for the next modved. Just one question on Jarvee, does it give you the follow back ratio of the differeng IG accounts you are following. Cannot find a way to do it on...
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    Grretings From Paris

    Hello lovely people, I am joez, new member on this forum but had already discovered it through one of my team members; Great place you created guys; Congrats! I developed and manage a few websites and now having fun on developing accounts on social networks; Cheers from Paris!