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    Need verified kindle reviews [USA]

    Hey guys, I am looking for a few reviews for my eBook. I am paying the eBook price + 5$ per review.
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    [Journey] KDP Self-Publishing 2020 (Grayhat)

    This took a pretty dark turn. I published my first book on Instagram Marketing and I made around 60€ in organic sales in the first 2 months. I know it's not much but I did not spend anything in promoting, producing or publishing the book. So far I made around a 100€ and I am using some of the...
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    FREE folowers

    This right here, you can do Follow for Follow but that won't really help you out at all. It's much more important to have people that care about your content and what you do
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    ✅ Reddit Services - Frontpage guaranteed, Upvotes, Do follow Backlinks & more ✅

    Ordered 10 upvotes and it worked quick and reliable without any issues, thanks a lot!
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    What is best bot for instagram automation?

    Combin is a rly good alternative and you can use it for free (daily limits). If you want to do it large scale I would recommend Jarvee too tho
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    I FINALLY made my first 20$ from Instagram

    Good job man! Do you have plans on scaling it up?
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    how to "revive" an IG account that has been inactive?

    Posting consistently and joining engagement groups for the first few posts to boost the overall engagement on your posts. Use correct hashtags and keep in mind that you will have less likes than you used to have so use more niche hashtags
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    I tried the Follow/Unfollow Method on Instagram

    In my experience F/UF works great for getting to a high number of followers and then have bragging rights but it does not bring you anywhere. You never get new followers outside of F/UF which really sucks
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    [Gary's Eminent Outreach SEO] 100% Placements (or) Money Back Guarantee | FREE Links Inside

    I can't use the free links because it tells me that I have no item in my cart yet.