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    Why would Rankerx recommend 0captcha?

    I used them once but had plenty of issues, I find deathbycaptcha is more stable than the others You can try CheapCaptcha.
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    How do you pass the captcha?

    CTR automation is all about good proxies and fingerprint management. For the captchas I recommend you go with Death By Captcha.... very reliable, good prices on the recaptchas and hcaptchas.
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    Best SEO tools and online course!!

    You are currently in the right place!
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    Cheapest captcha for rankerx?

    I don't recommend you looking for the cheapest services, they normally just won't work. Check Death by Captcha, they've been getting the job done for me, for quite a few years.
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    What's everyones favourite captcha breaking service?

    I always look for speed and accuracy with these services to avoid them making me lose my time. Some of them are just crap. Death By Captcha for like 3 years, can't complain.
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    The new DEATH BY CAPTCHA: Hybrid Human-OCR CAPTCHA Solving. $1.39/1K. 85% Correctness

    Hey OP thanks for the credits. I've tested the service and It's great! It really works as described.
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    The new DEATH BY CAPTCHA: Hybrid Human-OCR CAPTCHA Solving. $1.39/1K. 85% Correctness

    Hey, I'm interested in this. Count me in OP!
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    Really interesting info OP. Thank you. I will take a look at
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    Question: How to send 500k+ Emails?

    Well, I have not sent that huge amount yet but, have you tried with MailGun?
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    Suggestions for good wallet ?

    I'll suggest BlockChain also. It's very secure.
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    Easiest/best VPN set up for Follow Liker? Benefits?

    VPN from PrivateInternetAccess is working strong for me. It's also quite cheap.
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    Just Buy Repins Youll Keep Getting Traffic

    Hahahaha o_O "It's going to be huge"
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    Don't use Upwork

    I do creative writing and things that go along that line of work like editing and blogging.
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    A little about your experiences making money online

    Someone just posted a thread warning about upwork Making money online is getting tougher and tougher everyday :(