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    Question for youtube views

    nowadays very hard to make it works, you can make it works but a day later the method die and you need to start from zero again. it was really hardwork!
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    Any updates to HR views?

    supreme leader have zero knowledge about how to market their views. so it make sense many of reseller who resell supreme leader "youtube watch views time through smm panel/social media panel/
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    Question for youtube views

    i have a working ytview script on 2018, but this year 2019, YT make its harder so its really hard for me alone to find a new works script. i am not sure about bot and proxies because i never had it working
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    New youtube view method?

    this old, a script or bot are new
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    anyone be accepted on the new youtube criteria?

    almost there....
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    anyone be accepted on the new youtube criteria?

    Almost there... :)
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    Cooperate for youtube view bot, proxies needed to test1!!

    maybe with a few example how to did this would be more nice
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    What is the current situation with buying views?

    because the method is dead
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    small channels been de-moneytized yet?

    i saw my rival channel not show ads anymnore. so sad for him
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    Youtube desktop view

    i have a script but need to buy traffic and a risk are we cant control what will happen to a video because this script able to attract real human watched.
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    Tell Your Deepest, Darkest Secret

    i have a workin youtube view script but i cannot making a money on it
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    YouTube Adsense Dead?

    adsense for content is your earnings based on your blog,website means you need to write an article then publish its.
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    scammed by for 850$

    Noted. thanks for highlighting this
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    Pandabot for YouTube views?

    So how it is going on is it you tube views works with it? how about a watchtime?
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    How to get drip feed views?

    what i do to have high retention views is added music to my video and brief and catchy a viewers to watching my video till finish and a tools from a youtube panel like add card and end screen also helps to increase watch time. maybe you should try that first. so you will get real human watch