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    What is the Best choice of Expired Web2.0?

    Just focus on tumblr.
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    How Can I Write Perfect SEO Friendly Article?

    If you want to check how articles should work, check your competition especially those already ranking on the first page for your keywords.
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    how do i know whether my page has indexed by google or not?

    If its not indexed, it will not rank. trying site: Pagelink on google.
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    How Do I Return This Site To It's Former Ranking And Traffic, Helpful Suggestions Please

    What used to work in the past may not necessarily keep working. Several changes take place and you need to adapt. You should check what your competitors are doing, compare content and inks as well as domain strength.
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    How many Backlinks per Web 2.0 without getting caught?

    1 is enough, get more links from different properties each. To answer your question, there is no fixed rule, you can use a separate ip everytime you create an account on the same property.