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    I too would like a discount please
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    Questions about amazon!

    Amazon is where most of the traffic is. If you are not able to drive traffic well to your own website then it still makes sense to take your product to where the traffic is. Amazon is super profitable for us but you have to remember it is a long term play. " Amazon is a marathon not a sprint"...
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    Questions about amazon!

    When you first list a new product on Amazon there is a 30 day window often reffered to as the honeymoon period where Amazon does not know anything about your product. So during this time if you canget consistent sales it tells the algorithm that your product is popular. So to start with you...
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    Rank your Amazon Product/Keyword first page TOP position with VVRO and Deals Site promotion; Best & Only Techniques for 2021 so far.

    Hi, Could you provide more information with some data to backup your experience maybe some screenshots. I would be happy to share ours too. We utilse a combination of strategies to rank products on amazon and in 2021 it is even more important than ever to have a solid strategy backed up by...
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    Aged FB Ad account required

    Hi There, I am looking for an aged FB ad account ideally inside a business manager. Can any of you guys help? Cheers Alex
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    Rank my amazon products on

    Hi folks, I too am in need of someone to rank some keywords on amazon for me. Can you PM me with some contact details and prices please Cheers Al
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    Want to purchase and Amazon Merch account

    Hi folks, I would like to purchase and take over an Amazon Merch account. If anyone is interested in selling one please let me know. You can pm me here or reply in the thread with your skype id. Cheers Al