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    Which softwares does this guys use

    if they aren't spun but spunned it is probably Filipino software.
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    Wordpress Plugin to compress Images

    Smush is horrible. It does create issues with Google and in a couple of cases has lost me all of organic traffic. Once removed, traffic returned.
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    Does Smush Pro really help

    It is horrible. A day after I installed Smush on my Wordpress blogs about half of them lost all of their Goggle traffic. Waited for a week and organic traffic was still at zero. As soon as I removed Smush my Google traffic came back to previous levels. Overall Smush pleased Google's speed tool...
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    How I doubled my $10K into $20K in 7 days

    No, that is a misconception. That's not how a method works.
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    How I doubled my $10K into $20K in 7 days

    Short or long term, both carry the same risk. OP was talking about 1 week horizon, That's very short term imho.
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    How I doubled my $10K into $20K in 7 days

    It is a lot easier to trade currencies as compared to crypto when looking for high leverage imho. The spreads for crypto are really bad.
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    How can I index my Tumblr links?

    All I do is pin 2 or 3 images from a tumblr on pinterest and it gets indexed in a couple of days.
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    Wanted: Curator WP Plugin for Instagram

    Thanks Kyle. I am looking into it.
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    Instagram Story Hashtag Ranking Case Study

    Interesting. How can one hide a hashtag?
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    Wanted: Curator WP Plugin for Instagram

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. I am certain it already exists because I see a lot of sites using feeds from multiple sources on Instagram already, but all the plugins I could find will only allow you to post content from your own Instagram name. Makes me a bit confused...
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    What the hell... Reddit Subreddit Post Hidden

    Try to create more reddit accounts.
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    Niche Guest Post On High Authority Sites With 500 Words Contents Just in 25$ per post Only

    Please, PM me a sample from fitness niche. Thx in advance.
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    Easy Expired Domains - 20million+ Domains with Moz + Majestic stats

    Interesting service. I was interested in buying, but what is putting me off is the lack of ahrefs data. Moz and Majestic are pretty outdated .... Will there be a chance you will be adding ahrefs data to your subscription?