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    Efficient alternative to Socinator & Jarvee

    You could opt in for manual actions, but that would be expensive and time-consuming. What bugs have you found with Jarvee recently if you don't mind sharing?
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    I don't think there's a way to know what company sells what proxies. Best you can do is know which network provider that proxy connects to if it's a true cell phone based proxy.
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    Accounts Per Proxy

    You can create ~3-5 accounts/IP. If you get residential proxies with rotating IPs, this number jumps to ~15-20 accounts. Better to access the accounts with the same IP, you could get blocked otherwise.
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    Which Country should i use?

    You should definitely use proxies from Indonesia to avoid account blocking. If an account is accessed from an IP location miles away from the original address it was created with, FB classifies it as a suspicious activity, immediately triggering verification steps. If you have backup plans to...
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    Having a dedicated 4G Proxy with the ability to rotate IP, you will always get a fresh IP. Changing proxies might be a temporary solution. The long term fix for this is to implement a way in which the software you are using can emulate a more real human behavior. On a side note, our...
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    Support with Proxies for Footsites (Foot Locker, Champs Sports, FootAction,Eastbay)

    Finding out the technology behind their "bot detector" could be difficult. The datacenter proxies that you're using, you could try replacing those with dedicated 4G mobile proxies. From my pov, because most datacenter proxies run on shared devices, it is totally acceptable for Foor Locker to...
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    Rotating Residential or Data Center proxy with unlimited data

    There are many sellers in the marketplace who provide subscriptions with unlimited bandwidth for a minimum price. Of course, the price varies based on location.
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    Facebook aged account

    Any particular reason why you don't want to use proxies?
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    Facebook ad account disabled ! How to get back

    Best possible solution here is to start fresh. Use new mobile IPs and make sure they are true mobile proxies and dedicated.
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    4G IP with android emulator

    Could be the android emulator/proxydroid combination. What's your current action rate?
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    Help! Proxy For Normal Online Browsing?

    There's no hard and fast rule for buying proxies, if you want one 4G proxy IP, you can get exactly that. As for the prices, since 4G proxies as compared to shared VPNs are packed with more features, like they're dedicated, password protected, fast etc., they do come for a minimum price. It all...
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    You should definitely get US, 4G proxies. These work the best with social accounts.
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    Custom Proxy in iPhone to Settings > Wi-Fi,is set to “Off”. I found this resource quite helpful so thought of sharing.
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    What is the best place to buy a residential proxy for site visits?

    Any particular reason why you want per GB subscriptions? Aren't subscriptions with unlimited bandwidth more feasible for the price?
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    (HELP) instagram doesnt let me create any more accounts..

    Try using a different IP. If you're trying to create multiple accounts 4G mobile proxies with rotating IPs work the best. Generally, IG allows 3-5 accounts/IP, this number just multiplies on your part if you use rotating proxies (you could create ~18 accounts with 1 IP if you rotate them).