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    ✔️ A Different Kind Of Success Story Which Hopefully Gives You An Extra Push! (long ass read)✔️

    Inspiring story, glad you found a way in this clusterfuck of a world. Can relate to the white theme. It completely turned around how I feel about this website. Sudenly, dark, loomy, slight outdated looking place full of bullshiting IM masters turned into quite informative place, with some...
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    What to Learn PHP or Python..?

    No one mentioned insane performance increase in PHP 7.3 version. Also, it's really hard to avoid PHP if you're trying to be involved in e commerce (Wordpress - Woocommerce, PrestaShop is both written in PHP) Python is really great for Data science, analyzing stuff. matplotlib is great. Also...
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    Bitcoin address with the second most BTC is buying the dip. This person bought almost 12k BTC today

    Having a fuck ton of bitcoins does not mean he knows it for sure. That could only mean he can afford to loose this money and risking the fuck out this situation. You don't even know who's behind the account.
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    AM's pain

    "Anastasia" The most common AM name. Also, dating sites persona too. 95% percent Anastasia scrached her balls while writing this thread.
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    BHW Xmas Party

    too bad i missed a lesbian party
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    Apple is slowing down old iPhones on purpose

    I don't know if people are bitching about Android in this thread but in case they are just consider this: 1. Get an Android phone 2. If problems arise in the time, install a custom ROM on it and have whatever the fuck you want.
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    When life gets you down...and you don't know what to do...This works...

    Do you have any review copies please? PM me
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    What are your goals for 2018?

    First: Learn coding Second: Start earning 500 dolla a month utilising my newly accuired skills Third: Get in shape physically Fourth: Finish 2 semesters Fifth: Get on internship somewhere bussiness related, to see how shit's working Best of luck to yall
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    Effect of Holiday Season on Affiliate Conversion Rate?

    I am in progress of setting things up, so I do not have any CR statistics for the time being. What occured to me: You mentioned "products unrelated to Christmas/holidays" - What products exactly are you refering to? I think almost all products are related to this seasonal cycle because people...
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    Next Crypto to blow up - HempCoin (THC)

    Almost all threads with the name of 'Next crypto to blow up {name}' blew up in your faces lol.
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    Bitcoin: Millennials' Fake Gold

    well put, enjoyed reading, had the same position from the beggining of this craze
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    Anyone interested in an investing game in 2018?

    Include me pls thnx
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    $55m Hacked on NiceHash

    I like to oberserve things and here's what I think about your homemade bitcoin memes you been tossing around all day: 1) You invested all your money in bitcoin, now sitting on your edge of your seat everytime bitcoin news surface and you deal with the stress by paying homage to meme gods so it...
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    It`s official Bitcoin is $13k

    Can somebody link me a good article or piece of information from a reliable source (who has authority in the field) about this particular rise? I am just curious. And it must have a reason. Why I am not looking for it myself, well, I don't know much about the scene and it's now full of bitcoin...
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    What should I name my marketing company?

    Maybe first do a research of what a real marketing agency does. Building websites and running social pages is just a tiny piece in the whole marketing complex and it must be properly integrated and coordinated with other marketing elements. Name comes to mind much easier when you know what the...