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    Been about a month since my order and have seen very good results already. Went from #5 to #1 in a few keywords! Will try out another month to make sure these results are permanent, but I believe they will be with the way Sam runs his business.
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    What Would You Do If You Hit The Jackpot?

    I'd buy everyone with over 1,000 posts Jr.VIP! Then I'd get double ply toilet paper with the lotion engrained within tissue.
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    Post your earnings screenchots here [FOR INSPIRATION]

    These threads are all the same. A few guys have their dicks whipped out on a tape measure before any others even have the chance to look away. These motivational threads don't help. It should be common sense that people are making money. They only way this would be helpful is with...
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    Get Namecheap value hosting worth $50 for $ 7

    Looks like I missed it. Great share though.
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    *REVIEW* Well, where do I start? I've ordered Sherlock Hacks in the past when I was just starting off in IM. I liked the results so I came back for more. Unfortunately, I wasn't too pleased with the results. I am a little upset with myself since I didn't look over the reports when I ordered a...
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    Robbin Williams wasn't that great of an actor. Everyone Relax.

    Okay buddy, I think you've made your point. You proved to BHW you can insult the recently deceased and put down their family (he has two sons). You got your point across that you don't find him to be a great actor, so just let it rest unless you want to keep bashing the dead and his family.
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    Robbin Williams wasn't that great of an actor. Everyone Relax.

    Ya ya ya. Coming from a guy who probably can't take what he is dishing out. So I should try to attend a random person's funeral just as much as my own mothers? No one is saying someone's life is worth more, but the fact is some people mean more and touch more people than others, so yes they may...
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    Robbin Williams wasn't that great of an actor. Everyone Relax.

    Washed up towards the end? Kinda like Will Smith? Come on OP anyone can play that game. Everyone has bad movies. Except maybe Leo.
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    Robbin Williams wasn't that great of an actor. Everyone Relax.

    Tom Cruise? Will Smith? Did you just shave your balls for the first time yesterday? Just because he isn't as popular around teenagers doesn't mean he isn't a legendary actor. Go watch Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society. He was great in both.
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    RIP Robin Williams

    What a great actor. He had many great performances. He will truly be missed.
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    Are you cherophobic?

    I'm sorry you made money. Get over you phobia and make some more money!
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    Anyone used this company for Linkbuilding?

    What a deal! But it sounds way too AWESOME for me!
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    Backlink Strategy Good or Bad

    It depends what types of links and anchor texts you are having built. You don't want thousands of high OB blog comments. But you also don't just want a bunch of high pr blog posts. You need diversity and quality links.
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    Don't waste your money at Expired Domains for PBN

    You go build some relevant wordpress and blogspot blogs. I'll buy some pr 3+ relevant blog posts on a site that has nothing to do with my niche. We'll see what ranks better.
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    Doge Links! TOTAL Link Diversity @ AFFORDABLE Prices! & FREE Dogecoins!!

    Just got my report back for my Doge Links Service. I was very impressed with the results since I was just using this service for mostly link diversity. In the serp movement below there are a few blog posts that I added myself, but I haven't added any very high pr links yet and most serp movement...