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    Adult video submitter vs Adult video blaster ??

    Do you have to leave computer on or can it upload from the cloud?
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    Adult Video Blaster vs Advanced Video Submitter

    Anyone have experience with both this video uploading programs? How do they differ? Thanks
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    Adult tube traffic to dating offers?

    Are you sending the traffic straight to the offer or landing page first ?
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    Adult tube traffic to dating offers?

    Anyone sending adult watermark tube traffic straight to adult dating offers on crakreveune ? or do you send it to a landing page first? Thanks
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    Best Laptop to buy for under $700?

    Don't see any Skytech laptops on Amazon
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    Best Laptop to buy for under $700?

    Hi, Whats the best laptop to buy from under $700 for internet marketing related things and creating videos? Or what specs must it have ? Thanks
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    Do you know who provides real traffic?

    Why do you need 2000 visitors a day ? What is the niche of your website?
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    How to IM a poetry book

    Create a facebook fanpage for the book, create some youtube videos about it. Do interviews, etc... If the goal is to make money your friend should focus on what people currently buy a lot of , and just right poetry books for fun. People buy Evergreen products in the form of books or courses...
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    The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017

    This a normal distribution . 80/20, 90/10, 95/5, 98/2 . Research Pareto, these distributions are very common in nature. You right "subjective adjective" work is pointless its all about objective work.
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    How to IM a poetry book

    Put the book on Amazon. Follow the basic strategies for putting a book on Amazon for IM. For example you going to want to have a physical copy version. Amazon will do all the selling. In addition, probably follow the methods other artists or poetry writers use in promoting their books.
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    Facebook disabled account

    Created a facebook account back in June with gmail account and even phone verified it, didn't post on it. I created in on a Firefox browser and always logged on to it in a firefox broswer. Log on to it a few times. This week i log on to it and it said my accout was disabled. Facebooks...
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    Best monetization method for porn reuploading?

    What kind of videos are you uploading? Think about why the person is taking the time to pause you video and visit the domain you have as your watermark. If you want to promote Chaturbate use videos of webcam models or couples. Even better if they are from Chaturbate. If its some porn...
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    Any tips on making high quality videos/ low memory?

    Hi, Any tips on how to make high quality videos that are small in size (mb) ? Best file to save avi,mp4, wmv, etc...? I'm using this for adult tubing method and currently have windows movie maker. Thanks
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    What are somethings people buy with Bitcoin?

    Ment what people actual buy with Bitcoin, not who accepts Bitcoin. What have you bought with Bitcoin ?
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    What are somethings people buy with Bitcoin?

    What are somethings buy with Bitcoin? Whats the most popular?