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    Does Carryminati really earn $66000 per month from Google adsense on his YouTube channels ?

    No. this is a big amount. I handled 1 YT channel that got 5lakh views and monetized by only adsense ads. traffic totally from India, so the end of month earning was about $20. lol. Indian youtube career depends on freebies from brands and paid promos, and yes, best source is the superchat.
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    Which games will benefit from PubG ban in India ?

    depends on what the YT streamers pick the next.
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    My work kills me

    scammed for the same. fake duplicate shoes. when i started in IM in my free time and received my first pay from adsense, I ordered a pair of shoes from one instagram page. I was totally new to this stuff and didn't think about if it is original or not. the amount was a like 60% of what it costs...
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    Do you guys (and girls) tell your family and good friends about your online income?

    don't tell your friends.. they will think you earn this amount regularly and start asking for money, it is fine when you have money and you give them for some time but when they ask you for money and you don't have money and you says no, they will think you just don't want to give him. faced...
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    $ 8062 Bill For 11 Days Corona Treatment

    oh seen the similar in my city.. they charged 1200 INR for 1 ppe kit. which you can get at 200 INR from medical store outside the government hospital with better quality.
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    building link as per competitor

    if it is not indexed. means most of them has very less value anyway so dont waste time increasing spammy links, focus on what you think is indexing and is worth.
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    Hey guys, i'm new here.

    welcome. this is how this forum works: ask if you have any doubt, ( but first google it. ) post if you have something to share related to forum topics. there are lots of methods here to make money and people making a lot already. you will need to add your own twist. but main thing is "take...
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    How do I market an online game app with over a million downloads?

    The app is already 8 years old. so first of all if it is not upto current optimized apps like UI and other stuff, update your app to modern UI. You mentioned iAds. means Apple app store ads ? App have lots of installs so you earned enough to start try n error on every marketing platform. Try...
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    Awsome Instagram Giveaway - Scraping 20k Followers & More !

    count me, please. :anyway::anyway::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    need a small help from someone having USA paypal account

    Hello people, I need a small help here. I am selling handcrafted item on eCommerce and i did the setup of PayPal as a checkout process. but when I try to test if it is working or not, it is showing error that the receiver not supporting your currency. so I want someone to check with their USA...