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    i got scammed today 60$

    update 01: I have call paypal support 2 times and the answer is still no. this morning i decided to send an email to them. and they rely with positive respones, they ask me send proof that i got scammed. i didnt hope to get back 60$, but to prevent that guy spending my money.
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    i got scammed today 60$

    i got scam from other website. i do some bussiness here and things just fine. lesson learnd though.
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    i got scammed today 60$

    Hi everyone, Last nigh i got scammed 60$ through payal. as i sent $ to a guy as friend and familiy, then he disappeared, i call paypal support today and they said they couldnt do anything about this but Suggested me to report to my local police office. i know loosing 60$ is not a big deal. but...
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    Working YT Views?

    no SMM working right now.
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    quesion about Movie cutscenes on youtube?

    i see some channel they upload movie cutsenses and get ton of view and sub. of course i dont think they make money from them, but with a big subscribe and view i think they can make money one way or another. so my question is, how can these channel didnt get terminated by violate youtube rules...
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    I just told my mom that I dropped out of college

    get back to study and finish school man. then do what ever u want to. an advice from 35yo man.
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    How many videos should upload per week?

    if yr content 100% then u can upload as much as you can. i upload 10-20 videos a day no problem.
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    small channels been de-moneytized yet?

    5k sub and over 20k view/day and still.... :(
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    is 2013 an "aged" account?

    no advantage. i have tried old and news channel. they're just the same. maybe old account is not likely to get ghost when commenting, im not sure.
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    My 700+ phone farm

    interesting info. i keep an eye on this method.
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    The Understanding of YT SEO

    thank you
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    Method 75000 emails in less than a week

    test try with chimpmail. 2 out of 3 click is mine. :| maybe because if the content i offer is not that impress. i dont know if i want to upgrade the plan. :|
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    youtube made me crazy

    4000 views a day is not that important, try to get 40k view/day then u see...
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    Method 75000 emails in less than a week

    i am testing with MailChimp to see if works for me. mailchimp offer 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails/month for free account. let see what happen in next couple weeks. thank OP for sharing. i am surprised - how People would easily post their email on FB. weird.
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    Method 75000 emails in less than a week

    43k emails in 3 hours. and i dont know what to do with them. :|