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    [wikipedia] National Power Index : China & India will rule in the 21st century

    The definition of "power" itself is absurd, there is no explanation on what variables are used to compute the "powers". China is growing strong, yet most of their manufacturing relies from American companies and European companies, this should be a problem too. As Chinese will be a better...
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    This Is Why You Should Delete All Unused Themes & Plugins

    My site not only have old themes, but old version of itself since years ago. Let me delete those and see if it can improve my rank.
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    These sites try to attach my blog.

    If we are talking firewall then we are not talking about spam. Spam is not stopped by firewalls, it is stopped by using human-verification or using anti-spam plugin, such as Akismet. I don't know, usually websites can't attack other people's sites. Perhaps show us the logs, and blur the...
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    [ASK] Fake Twitter Followers for Fake Traffic?

    Thanks for the answer, mate. But the question is can it increase traffic, if the follower itself is already fake? Thanks.
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    Why all white hat speakers at Blackhat conference

    Here's some business advice, kid. Let them go to the BHW conference and spent their money. If you are right, people will realize the errors in their way and maybe you will be invited to "unveil" your unstoppable, brilliant, amazing, stupendous techniques and tactics. But I bet BHW in general...
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    Why big sites are never punished

    Because most of article, though valuable, are most of times re-hashed articles from the Internet, which gives no new insights, no new events, and nothing new at all. Yes, your "cancer" article may details on what cancer is, and what is the treatment, but will never be the "first" thing such as...
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    [ASK] Fake Twitter Followers for Fake Traffic?

    Just want to ask. My friend recently show off that he got around 400,000 visitors/day to his site. It's a huge number, if compared to sites that have similar content. I checked the Alexa ranking, and it is not very high (ranked at #5000+), but I know that Alexa is unreliable. One of my site...
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    Linkquidator N1 Bad Links Removal Service Remove 1000 bad links for FREE!

    Hi, a quick question. You said that in trial package is 1,000 backlinks. Is this the amount of bad backlinks that can be removed, or number of backlinks on my site? Thanks!
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    Google Penalty Recovery Remove Bad Links Safely To Protect Your Rankings!!30% Off!!

    Hi, I am confused with the pricing. Is the price based on how much backlinks my site had, or bad links I need to remove? If my site have 80,000+ back links, should I purchase the highest tier, or I can purchase the lower tier? Thanks!
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    Penguin Recovery Pro - Recover From Any Penalty In FEW CLICKS! [BHW Discount]

    Hi, is this software still on sale? I would like to ask some questions, thanks.
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    >>>Roy's GSA SER Lists!<<< Unique URL Lists! - 100k Links @ $2!

    Been not working on IM for a full year, and scraping by myself will took a lot of time. Purchasing royserpa's list is very good, the price is not reasonable, the price is very amazing. Save yourselves hours of scraping and grab the list.
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    Hit by Google Algorithm Updates? We can help you Disavow Low Quality Backlinks Safely

    Hi. So, this service is based on how much backlinks my website got? For example, if I got a site with 80,000 backlinks, I should pay $315, no matter how much bad backlinking is there? Thank you.
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    Paste the last thing you copied. Just press CTRL+V

    Wendt, H. (2009). Leadership and Team Cohesiveness Across Cultures, The Leadership Quarterly, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 358-370.Wendt, H. (2009). Leadership and Team Cohesiveness Across Cultures, The Leadership Quarterly, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 358-370.Wendt, H. (2009). Leadership and Team...
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    Becoming disillusioned with IM.

    Hi buddy, there is always a way to win. All business, whether its offline or online, will face difficulties. Finding a new niche market? Congratulations. In just few weeks, some mega-millionaires could literally gobble up your new-found niche market. Every market in the world, will in turn...
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    White Hat Revolution Improved Version RELEASED –More Links –More Articles –More Power

    Hi, do you build all of these on tiers, or you sent the whole links to the money site? Thanks.