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    Special 50% discount for everyone only 2.49$ per reviews including GMB, Trust Pilot, Yelp, Quora Posting and more

    VERRY BAD EXPERIENCE. I bought 5 Google reviews with a placement of 1 every week. As soon as the 2nd review was placed, all the names of the review placers got anonymous. After the 3rd review got place, all other reviews got deleted. I talked with the seller about this. He said he's gonna...
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    ⚡ThemeForest Database LEAKED!⚡Stop hunting themes in the forest!⚡Unlimited WordPress Themes & Plugins Only at $9 ❤️ FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️ FREE TRIALS!

    Is it possible to get Gravity Forms from Festingervault? I can only find addons to the plugin.. Please help me out..!
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    White hat backlink building

    Find 404 links on websites where you want a backlink and make an outreach post on how you have a page providing the information to cover the 404
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    Permalink changes - do they affect 'blog' posts only

    It only affects urls from the blog posts. As mentioned before, when changing the URL, always make sure you redirect the old URL towards the new URL. In order to maintain possible backlinks and rankings. Good luck with your site!
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    Why Does Yoast Slow Down Your Website

    Please show some proof it is yoast slowing down the website. I never heard this before and as far as I know yoast it doesn't make sense blaming yoast. The speed scans could be different because of incidental delay in host speed
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    Best backlinking method for WP site

    I like to put internal links to the most important money pages in the Footer. That way they get alle the internal link juice necessary
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    best tool to measure keyword difficulty?

    I basically check a couple of things in order to decide how hard it is to rank: Analyse the top 10 ranking on the target keyword. How many referring domains does every URL have? What is the UR/Dr of every specific link? How many wordcount does every page have? With this info you know what...
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    Is Link Whisperer worth it?

    I've used it once and never again. 100% better if you figure the internal links out yourself. It costs you some extra time but it gives you the competitive edge which the tool doesn't provide you IMO.
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    which SEO tools do you regularly use?

    Ahrefs - Backlink checking, making Linkbuilding strategy SEMrush - Competitive analysis, phase 1 keyword research Seranking - Rank checking Google keyword planner - phase 2 keyword research Seobility - Free TF*IDF tool for content optimization
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    1 GSC, 10 domains - linking to each other YES / NO ?

    It kind of depends on the 10 websites. Do they have a big backlink profile or are is it at zero? In case it's at zero, you should build them up over a longer period so it looks organic. On behalf of GSC, it doesn't matter. At our agency we have over 500 websites in 1 account. But its not a...
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    Guide: how to write the perfect article for your affiliate website

    Thanks for the share, it's much appreciated! I will read it more closely on a different time
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    Search Result ( 50 but Valid Pages on GSC 130?

    It's common for Google to show different amount of pages every day. Nothing to worry about.
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    [Guide] How to Write Your Amazon Buying Guides the Right Way

    Even after it's over a year old. I keep coming back to re-read and improve my copy. Big up for you my man
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    My Journey On Building Affiliate Site and Generate 100$ per week after 6 months

    If you think you're in the sandbox, than you probably are. The key is to be patient and trust the algorithms. If you keep doing the work the reward will be royal. Keep it up. Good luck, will be following closely
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    [Journey] My journey €100/day - Pure affiliate marketing

    Good to hear we're on the same boat here, will like to follow your journey aswell. If you like, we can arrange a phone call and talk about affiliate marketing and give each other tips and help each other out. What do you think?