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    Need shops website address in europe: $0.50 per website

    is not that easy as you don't know the language and how they speak Moldova Republic speaks romanian, and I'm from Romania and should be super easy but I only fund few as they use different terms. Is the same for non English countries as you can use google translate and then search on yahoo...
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    Need shops website address in europe: $0.50 per website

    Please, if you are not from these countries, I'm not interested. I need people from Europe, NOT Asia, Africa, Australia or Americas!
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    Need shops website address in europe: $0.50 per website

    Add me on skypeplease: george.traist Thanks
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    Need shops website address in europe: $0.50 per website

    Hi I need someone to get me the website from shops(online or offline or both) that sell sport clothing from these countries: This week (25th-31st January) Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany Next week (1st-7th February) Hungary...
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    Looking for Teespring JV Partner - my kickass designs and your marketing skills

    I'm a graphic designer with 7 years of experience. I can design anything you can think of in a much better quality that what you're used to see on Teespring. I'm looking for someone to promote the designs and split the profit. If someone is interested, please add me on Skype to discuss further...
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    Need Tee Spring partner

    1. I think that more than 25% from today's "celebs" are dumb, really dumb. Prove me wrong! 2. That's why I'm looking for a promoter, because you can have the best design but people will not find it
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    Need Tee Spring partner

    as I was saying, I don't have the time to read news about dumb chicks and and even if I'm making cool designs with something to go for, there are hundreds of thousands of campaigns so it will be impossible to sell because people will not get on my page, they don't know about. I need someone to...
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    Need Tee Spring partner

    Hi, I'm graphic designer, medium one with 7 years experience, and some friends suggested to go on tee spring and I can make a lot of money. I saw that in order to sell something there you need to promote the campaign in some way or another and the fact is that I know just to little about...
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    Need nice logo for E-commerce site

    Hi, sent you a PM. Skype: george.traista
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    Photoshop Expert quick job $30

    Hi, I can do that. If you need I can show some other photoshop work on driver license that 've done. Skype george.traista
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    Page Peel designed-name Your Price - PM me

    please skype me george.traista
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    ebook cover

    sent you a pm with my offer ;)
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    Need A Simple Brochure Made

    add me ok skype george.traista
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    virginia identification card to verify paypal

    is not him, is just o photo from internet, first on google if you search for virginia driver license