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    What Kind of CPA Offer Work Best with Instagram?

    I know Giveaways/sweepstakes are misleading and they will bump the mailbox with shitty stuff, but is there any honest sweepstake offer like on MaxBounty? Because $1000 giftcard or iPhone 12 or PS 5 before it is even out for FREE is hilarious and no one would believe it, I tend to ask myself...
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    Turned $6 into $430,000 with #SAFEMOON in 43 days

    Incredible, how did you hear about this safemoon coin anyways?
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    CPA + TWITTER | Open to your ideas.

    Looking for the same thing!
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    Happy Ramadan

    Happy Ramadan!
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    Where can I know about every honest airdrop...

    Followed a bunch of Discord/Telegram channels but most of the airdrops are just scams. Is there some websites/twitter accounts to follow or seomthing? Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
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    CPA + TWITTER | Open to your ideas.

    No twitter is still fine, I make posts that get like 400 impressions but not related to CPA, just coding stuff... So what I mean, is by using the right offer we can achieve that same number of impressions which is great because my twitter account is completely new and has like 70 followers.
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    30min of work 10x result : Reddit

    Great share mate, By crossposting you mean you post the same post on your own subreddit and in one big subreddit and people will see check the similar post kinda, because I remember seeing that but didnt had a great content to even think about that. I will give it a shot.
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    CPA + TWITTER | Open to your ideas.

    I am looking for way to do CPA with Twitter in 2021, because Twitter deserves the attention and it is my best social network I want to promote some CPA offers that aren't shitty, people in Twitter are like people in Reddit, you need some nice offers and decent tweets to make some profit. So I...
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    Best alternative to MaxBounty that pays in crypto (Bitcoin / Ethereum / ...)

    MaxBounty no longer paying in Bitcoin I am looking for a similar *honest* affiliate network where I can get accepted and be paid in crypto! All your ideas are welcomed. Thanks.
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    Story Promotion With Instagram 33K page, Is it worth it?

    exactly, I ll give it a try!
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    Story Promotion With Instagram 33K page, Is it worth it?

    already did, they have some really nice engagement and reach
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    Story Promotion With Instagram 33K page, Is it worth it?

    just say I am asking for promo? what are promo prices or simply promotion and ask about the stats and prices... they will reply with their pre-made messages for the prices and will send recent screenshots they will reply in a maximum of 24 hours but not all of them accept promotions make sure...
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    Story Promotion With Instagram 33K page, Is it worth it?

    I am doing a story promotion with an Instagram page that has 33K followers and said to be getting a static 11K views for the story in the past days, I will be promoting a make money offer, any idea if that could work great? because it is my first time doing it? Any ideas for the creatives I...