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    Check your PM's.... very disappointed. Every link you posted that I found are on DEINDEXED domains.
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    BTB, it's been a long time, I'm not even sure you would remember me. I've quietly sat back and watched this thread and chuckled a few times at how similarly we operated with large sites and I've got to tell you - I am impressed but your on going commitment to helping people through it. I would...
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    Hi, Would you mind sending me some samples as well?
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    Did you contact human resources? Workplace conflict resolution is important to them.... :)
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    Well, Apple has their customer base that they know well - coffee sipping hipsters that smoke cloves and millennials - neither group needs anything major other than some web development (that's us) and photography tools - maybe some sound and video tools as well. But mostly, it's about ease of...
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    Yeah, that was pretty dumb on their part... But there are solutions. Either way, it's such a small part of the market that's going to get a Mac Pro, let alone need 128GB ram. But you're right, it should have been a factory option at least.
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    And it really is retarded to the larger extent of things because it is about preference, and what you are doing with it. If this were a discussion about the very best gaming experience for example, you couldn't find me defending a Mac at all. But since this is about marketing - that's something...
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    Well there's a lot of truth to that, but I did bring up some Mac specific things in the initial post. The reduced fatigue with the retina display and keyboard ergonomics for example. Those are, as far as I'm concerned, the two main points when it comes to sitting in front of a screen for long...
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    Two things: First, when you say that people are afraid of change, there was no such disaster when OSX was released, which was a major change. The only complaint about it was the Ram requirement which wasn't a big deal in the end. Additionally - you are proving my point about user experience...
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    I switched all of my non-server operations over to Macs and will never turn back. I'm pretty convinced that anyone that feels like bashing them either can't afford them or just never gave them a fair shot - and that's fine. If you need Windows, get parallels which sets up a virtual machine for...
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    Best Cloaker

    Some of the posts in this thread should have been written in crayon...
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    Who got hit by Panda 4.1 ?

    Pretty much all of my sites did really well and one even hit an all-time record traffic high... So far, I'm loving it.