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    I'm starting a (free) high quality private network... who wants to join? backlink machine goes brrrrr

    Hey guys, As we all know, backlinking is a major factor in ranking higher. But we also know we're not supposed to pay for backlinks (as per Google's webmaster guidelines). We've all tried the standard SEO techniques like skyscraper, tier 2 links, guest posts etc... but let's be honest most of...
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    spam doesn't work, jk $1.6M

    Sent you a PM re. JV
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    [Gary's Niche Edits] Curated Links Turbo Powered With Tier 2 Backlinks | Free Tier 2 Links

    Hi could you send samples for mama group and papa group?
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    Link monitoring tool - for visualizing and managing backlinks

    You can use something like Visual Ping dot io, where you can put the URLs of the sites that link to you and only get an alert when your hyperlink disappear from their HTML content. Not perfect but cheap
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    Website Ranking Drop

    Where were the ranks that you lost? E.g. was it top 1-3 in SERP that moved to 4-10 or was it 4-10 that moved to 11-20 ? There could be many reasons, if you've moved from #2 to #4 on a keyword, there's not much you can do. If you've moved from #7 to #21 for example, it's very likely that your...
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    Website Ranking Drop

    You can check if google did something big by looking at the volatility of SERP, some tools such as Semrush Sensor offer this for free:
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    0 to 60.000$ /month Empire in 12 months (Affiliate Marketing)

    At a 40x multiple that portfolio would be worth ~$2.5m, a no brainer if you manage to set it up for only $430k If you watch his update video he's spent already more than $18k on links
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    0 to 60.000$ /month Empire in 12 months (Affiliate Marketing)

    Hey man, great thread and thanks for the videos updates! I've bought for ~$2m worth of affiliate websites this year and I've seen a lot of sites for sale go through/have access to their P&L, maybe we should have a chat and see if we can work together or share ideas on SEO Drop me a DM because I...
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    Anybody Tried Stan Ventures Guest Post Service?

    Old thread so this might be irrelevant but I had a few calls with them a few months back, there was their CEO and a bunch of people on the call (I had a $50k / month budget). I ended up not working with them because I'm not convinced of guest posts, but they had a professional PowerPoint...
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    Did Amazon just drop their commission rates???

    Pick up the phone, call 20-25 of them, inflate your traffic numbers when you speak to them and say that you're not looking for off the shelf deal but a long term partnership and that you can't make it work with off the shelf revenue share because you'll tailor your content for them.
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    Facebook ad account need an expert...

    Not if you don't have a facebook account manager unfortunately :(
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    Facebook ad account need an expert...

    It's an employee of Facebook that discuss with you on the phone whenever you need help with things like getting ads approved / understanding why they weren't approved and you also won't get your account disabled unless you try to run blatantly unauthorized ads (like porn etc.) They also try to...
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    Did Amazon just drop their commission rates???

    I run a bunch of affiliate websites and you should really move away from Amazon, they'll just keep shooting down their revenue share over time. Displays are razor thin margins, but on computer accessories like routers etc. I wouldn't be surprised if manufacturers margins are 30-40% so you should...
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    Facebook ad account need an expert...

    What's your Ad spend? If you can scale it up you then get a personal account manager and you deal with him on the phone through a direct line, way easier than all the Q&A / support crap. If you run 15-20k monthly ad spend you should have a guy reach out to you after a few weeks.
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    Track Website Changes

    Have you tried ?