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    How are IG DM Services Run *Merry XMas Btw*

    Hey all, I've used a few great DM services in the past and was curious how are these working. Some of the people who come to my site are bots but not all so I'm curious. Is there some service <$2/k that offers a panel. I know all of these services dont own thousands of child accounts so Im...
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    Official BlackHatWorld Black Friday 2021 Thread!

    Does anyone know any Email or Telegram account creators? *General account creators are great to if you're aware of any Also TweetAttackPro has a solid 40% with other goodies
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    Official BlackHatWorld Black Friday 2021 Thread!

    Any spinners on sale? Not Spinner Chief its trash. no offense
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    To use Affiliate Aggregators or not?

    Hi. I have a sex toy and adult goods online store. I've decided to host an affiliate program giving 20%. Should I add something like this to Clickbank or is it better for the affiliate to go direct? Where would I promote to Affiliates if Im to go direct?
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    Penalties for Spamming Buffer Sites

    Do you use any tools for this like RankerX or GSASER?
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    Penalties for Spamming Buffer Sites

    Does Google penalize mother sties attached to buffer sites that recieve SPAM links? I want to build GSA SER links to buffers and social links. Pretty sure G is smart enough to penalize though
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    Nice trick to bypass spam filters when sending emails in bulk

    Have you used their email cleaner? Did you need a server since port 25 is blocked normally
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    How to spam in 2021?

    I use a custom bot that rotates Gmail accounts. Lmk if you're interested
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    SPAM - Email Mass Sending Dos and Dont's

    Hello. Im going to start pushing 20k emails a day to scraped emails sending them to a landing page. I think I should use a URL redirect as the landing page is connected to my mother site. But is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Im sending a simple join my list form *if...
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    How to Monetize an Adult Blog (without selling porn)

    Penis pills sounds good. But how do I know if they are legit? Do I need to try them personally? Is there a review site for offers?
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    Twitter Phone Verification

    I've got a need to make a few Twitter accounts using emails I already have. I've tried 3 sites and can't find one that works with Twitter. Anyone know where I can PVA a twitter account these days? I might try to use my own number but it's 10 accounts :/
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    Trading Traffic Sites

    Yep Thanks.
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    How to Monetize an Adult Blog (without selling porn)

    Hi I have a blog Im driving traffic to, I'm looking for places to get revenue without alienating my mostly millenial women audience. I was thinking things like sex toys and what not. But was sure there was a treasure trove of CPAs or something that would be suitable.
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    Buy Meme Accounts and use?

    What is sfs? I was able to achieve some level of success by having my accounts mass dm. But I only got like 700 in 3 days. No where near the amount I need to hit 1M.
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    Buy Meme Accounts and use?

    Did you buy this account or grow it from scratch. If from scratch any tips other than just posting? I tried making a meme account in the past and think I got shadow banned lol