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    My Pinterest Account Suspended

    Like I said before, I'm not actively follow people lately. I just follow someone if I interested to join his group board. Follower growing organically, 5-10 follower per day I think. Dunno how they find my profile, or perhaps they just hoping me follow them, dunno also. What matters is my...
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    My Pinterest Account Suspended

    I did that and 12 hours later they activated my account again. I considered myself luck. I click with very little expectation, luckily I get my account back. I pinned same picture on 18 group board at once. Beside that I just did normal manual pin. No, unique images that I create myself 1...
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    My Pinterest Account Suspended

    Do almost everything manually. Repin good image everyday regularly like common user. Post regularly to 18 group board everyday and today they throw me hammer banned LOL *just a stupid rant*
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    How long does a site take to rank

    Will need approx 27 days 3 hours and 6 minutes to rank. Okay not funny. Keep promoting until you rank. Good luck
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    Can I have Little donation :p

    You just don't need it (IM success) so bad now. If you trapped in situation, let's say if you are not make money in six month causing you can't feed your family, then almost automaticaly you will make it
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    What is the best Cheap web hosting and Fast good for SEO

    Try hawkhost, it is not $1 but cheap enough to start and reliable enough small website
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    Pinterest Strategy 2018 According to All Recent Changes

    I'm in weight loss diet niche. Yes I did everything manually. It is pain in the ass especially when I asking hundreds group board owner and just accepted by 18 of them. Yeah, thanks. Maybe because I did it manually and only using 1 account
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    Pinterest Strategy 2018 According to All Recent Changes

    Are you serious? Can you explain more. I try pinterest since new year, have almost 2K followers, pin various stuff everyday in my business account, 18 related group boards (pin group board just 1 time everyday), only receive 5-15 visitors from pinterest daily, no surprise no sales yet. Maybe I...
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    Did you ever think that you will become what you are today when you were younger?

    When I was young, I plan to work in good company as employer like most people did.
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    Recent Google Update: What's Your Opinion On This?

    A little drop a bit in traffic since a couple week, but nothing drastically. Maybe this update not affect in my country lol
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    If i buy PBNs, is it just a matter of time?

    I think correctly mean google doesn't know you manipulating serp. (but maybe they know everything) What matter is you rank.. period.
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    What's something you just don't get?

    Why I still love seo after google hit me over and over again
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    Amazon Affilate Journey From $0 - $500/pm

    Surely will waiting your next journey. I hope it will use same techniques
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    seo in future

    Whatever happen, I will adapt. Will be more harder and also easier because so many new tools and techniques will come
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    Anyone tried promoting The Red Tea Detox?

    Thank you so much for your info, now I realize that women age 20-30 usually still have good body, maybe this is why they are not buying weight loss product hehe..