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    How did you learn python?

    Automate the Boring Things and coding A LOT of smaller scripts!
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    Need some help: botting

    Instagram bots are probably request based.
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    Here Are List For Backilnks By Comments

    Thanks! Great to add to your link profile.
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    FINALLY i can spam fb for lifetime :)

    Looking foward to it.
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    Would any find Reddit bot useful?

    Hey everyone! I have a bit of time over the break so I was going to sit down and code a bot for a social media. Would any find a Reddit bot useful? (NOT selling, just gathering interest) Initial features would be generating accounts (w/ captcha support) and upvote manipulation. I do a lot...
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    When Should I Purchase an SEO Package?

    I always try to market my articles (forums / Reddit) and make some money before I invest into a SEO package.
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    doing social media marketing

    What do you want to learn? Making money?
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    Torrents wont download

    Check your internet speed?
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    Instagram account creation

    Are you manually creating the bots or using type of gen? Sometimes with gens, it'll trigger bot-detection.
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    World Hates Blackhat Because We Are Better ;)

    That's the spirit! :D
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    What script these websites use?

    Check their backlinks on Ahref or something similar.
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    Looking to Learn

    The best way is just to try A LOT of things. I've found success in multiple areas in my life where I become so obsessed with becoming super good at one thing (whether it be business or making money) and just trying all the methods and innovating my own methods.
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    Try looking for residential proxies -- the reason I say this is because in most cases, DC proxies (data-center proxies) are abused by people.