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    Dark side newbie

    Things are going good @Abe - I've been focusing more on the dropshipping site lately and it's starting to show a little promise. I need to get back to promoting the search engine though. I've reported that post @blogzandstuff to have it removed.
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    Free keyword generation & research tool

    Poor OP did not consider the obviously large demand for such a tool. Wich I had seen it in time before it went away. :(
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    Dark side newbie

    Thanks @RotatingProxies! My big experiment is an affiliate site that doesn't really follow the rules of a typical niche site. I created a unique search engine for art prints where people can search by any color. I also just started an attempt at dropshipping. I would be ecstatic to hear any...
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    Dark side newbie

    I'm a developer that finally developed a couple projects of my own after years of doing it for others. Hoping to learn IM from the masters!