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    [Journey] Adult Reuploading - expanding & growing revenue

    Goodluck on your journey! Looking forward to your updates.
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    [Journey] 100k+ Instagram Followers

    Seeing good progress since you started the journey. Keep it going!
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    [SEO/Backlinking] Journey To 100 Forum Backlinks

    Interesting. I hope you would get good outcome for this. Keep us updated! Goodluck.
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    [Beginner] Affiliate journey to $10/day

    Goodluck on your journey. Definitely following your progress.
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    Trust and SEO

    Add your site to GSC, that would be the first step in gaining trust. Then, add a profile page on your site, which shows a picture of you, to show that there's a real life webmaster administering the site to avoid any manual penalties - that's another brownie point scored. Add Google business...
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    Should I Verify my Domain With Google?

    I don't see why not proceeding with a relation with google, if it's organic traffic that you are looking for. Anything that you do that shows that your site is legit and not a spam site will score brownie points with the search engine. GSC is just a small baby step, and it helps uncover some...
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    Expired Domain 20+ years Old

    I doubt that those past links will fully show on GSC - they are good links, but GSC doesn't really list things of the past in their listing. Even if they do, they may take anywhere from 1-6 months - imagine I had a site: operator error sometime back, and they took 1 month just to recrawl and...
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    Directory submission is working still now ??

    Links are still links and if it's a link from a good site, even if that site is a web directory, it is still counted as a good link which will contribute positively. There are many spammy auto-approved type of web directories out there. I recommend avoiding these, as they are just spam sites...
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    Google removed Penalty, but sites not getting indexed

    Google's search engine works very slowly, sometime so slow, that it takes their GSC or whatever to get itself updated in weeks, and I've had experiences where it took up to 3 months to reflect the data correctly. You can try encouraging them to update faster - pump only high quality links from...
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    can a site become deindexed from non-use?

    If your site has no links, nothing at all, then, very likely it can even be deindexed in a week's time instead (sometimes even in a couple of days time). If your site previously has links, but no further updates since 2 years ago, chances are, those links may no longer be there any longer, thus...
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    After purchasing an expired domain

    Better have the recommendations followed. Give it a month.
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    Do I Need a Proxy Server for Creating Accounts for Different Websites

    For multiple account creation and management, you will really need to use proxies. Using only your IP for such activity will be detected and considered suspicious.
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    ✅✅Journey to beat addiction&depression and getting healthier+finish more projects✅✅

    Goodluck! May this journey help you be better. If you stumble at some point, just keep going!
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    How does blogging help your site? Does it help with rankings?

    It helps your website as it boost your website SEO. It could, in a way provide relevant info to your customer queries.
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    My Journey Back To Parasiting

    Best of luck for your journey. Looking forward to additional information on your succeeding updates.