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    Quite frankly, there is NO MAGIC trick or formula to making viral video! If everyone knew this, then all videos would have MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of views!!!! The videos you think would never ever be viral will become viral, and the ones that one expects to become viral, WON'T!
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    Several Niche Channels or just one broad Channel?

    Use different channels
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    How is this even possible?

    You show ME or anyone here which comment tool TODAY will make ALL the thousands of comments that appear underneath a video make sense and respond to what is actually taking place in THE VIDEO!!! Tell us which comment tool is going to make all corresponding comments, the thousands of comments...
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    Repetitive content

    You just answered your own question. PROVIDING NO VALUE TO VIEWERS
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    How is this even possible?

    They are ALL real views. It's a trending topic. PLUS, look at all the comments under the videos. Those are real people making sensible and logical replies to what is actually happening in the video. Comments match what is happening in the videos. So they are all real views. Not everything is...
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    Are these stats good? Should I continue with my cash cow channel?

    7 videos aint sh*t Please go and upload MORE VIDEOS! Youtube isn't an exact Science, well not to us normal people anyways. 7 videos is not and never a good measurement ..... your very first 7 videos!!!
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    YouTube Shorts TikTok strategy ?

    Message me the channel name please or post it here
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    Does YouTube channel location matters in this case?

    Location of your video viewers matter, NOT where your channel location is.
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    How can i my youtube channel?

    NO, that channel is FOREVER GONE!!! That's why I always recommend people starting new youtube channels with new email addresses. I never use the same email address for 2 or more channels. It's always a big risk.
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    How to avoid dem0netization

    You wouldn't get monetized in the first place IF you didn't have 4000 watch hours ;)
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    I will start cheating the YouTube monetization system

    .......... and like many other threads, especially Journey threads, this will die a quick death :rolleyes::anyway:
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    Is it really easy to sell monetized YouTube channels?

    I think the channel itself still has monetization, just NO monetized videos on it. The channel can still remain monetized, just with no monetized videos on it.
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    Looking for youtube copyright guru

    No one can help you with that. Youtube isn't going to even bother touching your issues. Just don't livestream about them again. Problem solved. And if your youtube account was deleted, then hopefully someone here can help
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    Trading Youtube subscriptions

    OMG the cringe :suspicious::suspicious: