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    How to receive backlinks from news websites?

    can you name some free sites and some paid top sites?
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    Which programming language is most widely used for web development?

    depend on the project you are working but then to java script and in the coming days python will be overtaking everyone.
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    Can you help me to find some tool for keywords?

    Well, there are many tools it just depends upon your budget.
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    How to receive backlinks from news websites?

    Well I am looking for the answers as well, do you have any idea about getting backlinks from top websites?
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    Finally my website is now showing up in Google <3

    Great congratulations.
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    My cryptocurrency and marketing plan , your liquidity

    Well, I found cryptocurrency as not a cup of my tea.
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    Is Google's Sandbox a real thing? (a question)

    You should go with the correct name as brand is important than anything else.
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    Well, you are going to have more private messages.
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    Why pinterest's reach is so weird?

    Well, I am someone who is experiencing this thing right now and not sure what to say as of now, all I can do is wait for some time.
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    Have you ever Hired a Great Non-Native Writer?

    Well, wanted you to know that I am still waiting for your reply.
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    is unique content for every guest post important?

    It's importance cannot be measured buddy, but yeah if you want your site nowhere on google you can duplicate the content.
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    How are musicians in a small niche getting so many views

    Firstly, the performance was good and secondary try to approach some other way.
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    Use web2.0 as money site... hmm

    When I entered the thread I thought I will be getting to know about some money app.
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    Someone copying my Wordpress site and stealing my traffic. how can I stop it?

    By making changes in the URL, just make them point towards your site.
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    Have you ever Hired a Great Non-Native Writer?

    Well I can suggest you few and I believe you won't regret it, all you need to do is share the details.