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    Which option is more profitable?

    Start a blog and begin monetizing with Adsense once approved after meeting their requirements. If you get traffic soon you will also start earning without waiting for a long time. Companies like Mediavine which are based on Adsense pay much more. Build your list from day one and promote...
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    Which YouTube niches are booming right now?

    Why look for booming niches which everyone is running after? Why not look for niches which have a lot of demand and potential but do not have enough relevant content on YouTube. If you put out good content in such non-booming niches you will succeeed much faster. Slightly different reply here...
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    How Many Females Are On Blackhatworld

    My guess is that most female avatars have males behind them and the real females have either a "neutral" avatar(dog, cat, scenery) or may be posing as males for some reason. About 20% of all members could be female but again it's just a guess.
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    How Can I Make 10$ A Day Online !?

    You may not be able to start making money this month. Most people make their first $1 months, even years after trying hard. Those who do make money in their very first month are extraordinarily lucky or take massive action takers or both. Other than parents spoon-feeding their kids, do you know...
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    Blog with hosting comparison

    I suggested social media and not forums because everyone is on social media now. Ten years ago forums were very popular and there were not many Facebook groups although the groups feature was launched around then. Nobody visits forums anymore. People who visit and post in them are only...
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    Small Passive Income

    I will not tell you whether it works or not now. Instead I will disclose that I posted it on purpose so that folks like you are forced to use the search function to look up hundreds of threads on the same topic and locate the ones from the past year. Maybe you could do so even now and come up...
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    Making Money with Ads and Affiliate Marketing

    Search the forum as there are lots of useful threads that you can read. Here is one:
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    How do you guys run google ads without getting suspended ? (New accounts)

    You have to start completely afresh which can be expensive in the long run because how many times can you get yourself a new device for example. But there are people who manage it and continue to use Google ads.
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    Blog with hosting comparison

    It is one of the toughest niches. Try and look for long tail keywords and keep posting content including reviews and comparisons. After some time as the content ages, they will start ranking for some of the long tail keywords found within the content. Meanwhile, you can also use social media to...
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    My Journey to Passive Income

    Seems good, wish you good luck!
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    none of any post of gnews site are indexing

    Indexing instantly is a thing of the past. It does take time now although there are various sneaky ways of getting it done fast but they may or may not work.
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    Welling to start affiliate marketing (need a recommendation)

    Try Warrior Plus and Paydotcom. Also try searching for affiliate programs specific to your country and who knows there might be some good ones.
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    [JOURNEY] Can you make it with a 'Done For You' website?

    Because creating a website and posting content on it is only 10% of the work. The rest of the 90% is driving traffic to it, which is where most people fail. Having no visitors to your website is like writing and publishing a book that no one reads.
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    Should I finally go for electric vehicle niche ?

    Electric cars as a niche itself may not be so good. I would say it is too competitive already unless you think out of the box. The niche is very broad and needs to be narrowed down. But you will find success in a sub niche of electric cars, with some good keyword research and content. For...