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    ZennoPoster 5 - Automate any task in the Internet

    Just opened it up for the first time, looking like a great improvement.
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    How to Snatch an Expiring Domain?

    $10 a month? I would have kept it. Blimey that's a 11/1 shot guaranteed. Even if a domain makes $10 per year profit, I would keep it.
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    A bot that improves your sites bounce rate

    You can do it with Zennoposter. There is a template that does exactly this. Not my site by the way.
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    So Which bots are currently STILL Working?

    I got a video banned but not the account, someone flagged the video cnuts.. For those that say its not working just have a look at the front page of Youtube and the amount of obviously botted videos. Its still working but Im wondering how long it can last. Make Hay people...
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    {{FREE}} High PR Web 2.0 Properties - Quality Backlinks - FOR EVERYONE

    I would like some too please..
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    People selling my free bots on Fiverr!!

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    Which Niche Would Work For These Unusable Images

    I think 1, 24 and 56 are my Favs. Now just need the Niche...
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    Which Niche Would Work For These Unusable Images

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but they made me laugh out loud.:) How would you use these images. Suggestions please.
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    Why don't I take action? I'm feeling useless and not productive

    I have been in a similar place to you. Take some time away from the computer and evaluate the areas of IM that you really enjoy. Focus just on these things and dont try every tactic under the sun, concentrate on the ones you like doing. It gets easier then I promise.
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    Whitney Houston Dead at 48 - RIP

    Man poor Ricky and Bianca, first Pat and now Whitney...
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    [CLOSED] YouTube Genius - The Smartest YouTube Marketing Software Ever Created!

    I think that ThatBotProgrammer is being very fair with his terms. At $30 its a steal. More developers could do with taking a leaf out of his book.
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    LSI Article Writing Service | 1K Word Articles | 100% Professional Grade Unique Content|Fo

    Transaction ID: 8XW90215Y3952293F Order placed, have sent email with details. Looking forward to this because I hate writing,
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    Pictures of Hackers - Which one are you? Sorry if this has been posted before, but it made me laugh.