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    KDP Journey as a Non-Writer

    Love the Mandala Creator. Keep up the good work. Any updates?
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    What are your passive income money makers ?

    KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. It's by Amazon and allows you to self publish your books. The books are only printed when someone buys one.
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    [JOURNEY] 1000 books on KDP... Is it to late to start?

    Have you made any sales yet? Keep up the good work and just DON'T QUIT!!
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to BHW. $30 is not bad. The worse thing you can do is GIVE UP!! You have some sales so look at what works and continue doing that!!
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    My journey to $300 per month with KDP

    The cover is the first thing the customer sees. You need it to really POP!! After that, they look in the interior.
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    [First Journey] $125 per month with KDP

    Coloring books are HIGHLY profitable BUT it also takes a lot longer to make a decent book.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome, to BHW. There's a lot of info here and people willing to help!
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    Making a book with little content sell

    How goes your journey? I've just started n KDP low content books. Trying to lean all I can.
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    ★★ ACCOUNTSTORM ★★ Netflix,Apple,Grammarly,Semrush,Hulu,Canva,Spotify,Cloud Accounts etc.

    I want a discount Ahrefs Semrush Pro Semrush Guru
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    QuestionForge - Uncover 1000s of Hidden, Targeted Keywords Your Competitors DON'T Know About

    Do you offer a discount for both QuestionForge and QA Grabber?
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    Q&A Grabber - The Real Answer to Your Content Problems

    Would like coupon code or Black Friday deal
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    (Method) No cost easy way to earn startup cash $20 - $100+ a day Pinterest method

    Thanks for sharing. I've been looking into Pinterest lately.