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    Your thoughts, guys !!

    Try downloading the app and check it out. It may become something big or may not in the the future. Now the price is at 0.4. ICO ending this month. I got it at 0.2. Invested 10k and now its already 20k and its increasing to 0.45 in 2 weeks time. Might be listing around $1-2. And definitely going...
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    Elon started to pump a new project

    Agree that this is not for long term. The more you should do your research if you are not a daily trader.
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    If SHIBA INU does another 100x from here, it will take #1 from BTC!

    Is there a way to sell shiba other than swapping to eth first? I have it in trust wallet.
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    BUY ETH now quick HUGE DUMP

    Dip to $750? From? And which month was that?
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    hi, may I know whats the difference between the unique and rich blog post? is the rich blog post spun content?
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    Niche edit links and PBNs

    Hi all, I'm trying to find more information about niche edits links. Is niche edit links more powerful than PBNs? Or it does not necessary have to be that way? And how do we determine if the niche edit links are powerful? Based on the RDs?