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    Get Massive YouTube Traffic

    Great post. I don't care if it's copied or not. I'm just glad you shared it OP. Thank you
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    r/NoNewNormal has been banned from Reddit

    Lol please. There's science on both sides. The problem is there is one side which are sensitive little flowers who are scared of words. And despite giving lip-service to how important freedom of speech is they're too dumb to see their actions are against it.
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    Your favorite Telegram bots?

    Thank you man. That's a great explanation and I found it really helpful.
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    r/NoNewNormal has been banned from Reddit

    It's that kind of thinking that erodes freedom of speech.
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    [Case Study] Los Pollos Casual Dating Smartlink with Propellerads as traffic source

    I ran my first propellar ads campaign and must says its shit so far. My page normally converts between 1-6% (varies on traffic source and audience), so trialled $100 - which at cpc of 12c pays for about 800 clicks. Not one sale. The traffic quality is dogshit. That's not to say it cant work...
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    How to Monetize a 300 000 Travel Tumblr

    What's a note? How much traffic does it receive on a monthly basis? That's the main thing.
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    If you could learn any skill, what would it be?

    Haha yeah that's the best one. But assuming we can't use that is have to say selling - or the online equivalent which is copywriting. But to be honest, as a businessman, it's so much better to be reasonably good at a group of skills than brilliant in one.
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    OnlyFans reverses course

    Lol they back tracked on that quick. Agree with a fair few comments here. It absolutely would've been the dumbest decision they made.
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    What's the point of these subreddits going dark?

    What does in mean to go dark?
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    Your favorite Telegram bots?

    Good could someone point me to a post or article on the benefits of telegram bots.
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    JustAnotherPanel best practices

    Please dm me too
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    r/NoNewNormal has been banned from Reddit

    So you're only for free speech if you agree with it?
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    Safe, reliable SMM panel for YT views, likes and comments for ranking vids

    Yeah thats why im happier to pay a bit more for a quality service. Let me know if you know any
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    MY FIRST TIME EARNING ONLINE [$19 in 5 days]

    Way to go man. 64 days to your first dollar is amazing. Best of luck man
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    Safe, reliable SMM panel for YT views, likes and comments for ranking vids

    Cheers Russ. I have no intention of buying subs so that's good news. Anyone got any panel recommendations? Or more advice on how to best use smm panels?