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    YouTube Voice as a non-english speaker

    Accent does matter - it really depends on how thick and how well you annunciate and intonate your script.
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    What happens when you love your Blog

    Fortunes are made by trading blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices.
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    Free Wikipedia Backlinks

    You can't get a nofollow link off a user page, but just because it's nofollow - doesn't mean it doesn't have value (it won't add to your domain authority), but it will help you get pages indexed.
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    2 Epic Games Giveaway (Until September 08, 2022)

    The original Mafia game is free on steam - it's like GTA set in the 1920s, but cars are slower and police will be on your case if you break traffic lights and speed.
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    [METHOD] Get a 12-month keepsolid vpn unlimited account

    No it doesn't. It's based on the level of anonymity you need - as I said before. For most torrenting of tv shows/movies, simply masking your IP by using a VPN to download (regardless of whether they log) is sufficient. Because their method of policing piracy is simply to auto-email the...
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    Autoplay Youtube video on website, views increase?

    It used to be a thing in the earlier days of the Youtube API. In theory, you could do an iframe to the youtube page and set it as hidden, so that it autoplays on the youtube site - but they might have a cross-domain restriction preventing that.
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    [METHOD] Get a 12-month keepsolid vpn unlimited account

    ISPs in North America have a 3 strike warning system, where they only turn over data after 3 reports. Using these vpns could let you loosely evade getting detected by your ISP. It would require the copyright holder to make a claim to the VPN to get the user's IP, and then subpoena the user's...
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    [METHOD] Get a 12-month keepsolid vpn unlimited account

    Aren't Nord and Expressvpn now owned by the same company? And they both have handed over records to feds at the drop of a hat, so I wouldn't trust any VPN unless you build it yourself. Best to use these for piracy like torrenting.
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    VPN with best clean residential IPS

    Never heard of a residential VPN. Those are proxies you're looking for mate, usually mobile proxies using mobile networks.
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    Tik Tok Live Warehouse

    I don't know what that is, but it's 100% not a tiktok sweatshop. Anyone who believes that is pretty gullible.
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    Tiktok is a keylogger

    The Tiktok keystroke logging applies to ad links clicked from within the app, whereby it opens up a mini browser and the user is able to see the advertiser's page. Within that context, Tiktok tracks key activity to assess engagement with advertisers, time on page, and a number of other metrics...
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    Tiktok is a keylogger

    lol these guys have no idea that this is very common and they're overestimating what it does. Almost all he's talking about is used for ad tracking. Wait until he realizes what the Uber app is doing and tracks - it's 1 million times worse.
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    Festinger Talks About His Career & Why He Is Obsessed With WordPress [Geasy First 2022 Interview]

    Good interview - one small typo on #5 - he said "Not Yoast", but it currently says "Tot Yoast" which makes it seem like he's endorsing the Yoast plugin, until you read the next line. Couldn't agree more on people running so many plugins that do the same functionality. And Yoast is one of the...
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    ⭐Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy⭐

    Interesting software, it sounds like the router methods are limited to just Europe (fritzbox) or ISPs that allow switching IPs on cable modems. The last option was mobile, which might be the most viable - except not sure if it rotates out IPs (gotta test that out actually).