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    Hire VA for data entry job today

    Hi bhw members, Looking to hire a VA today for a data entry job. The job consists in copy/paste a few links, super easy stuff that I dont the patience to do. DM with your availability and hourly rate, jr VIP's only. I can pay through stripe or paypal. Regards Creative
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    My Journey to $25,000 a Month (hoping for)

    Done it for years, works like a charm. Let me know if one day you're looking to go into real estate, I can do 350€ per lead or a better deal based on lifetime revenue percentages.
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    xenforo seo improvements

    Thank you for sharing your opinion, will have a look on that.
  4. CreativeDaddy

    xenforo seo improvements

    Hi everyone, I'm currently building a xenforo niche forum (gaming niche) which I already have a userbase on other platform, tested a link reddirect with great results! Xenforo already a good seo built but since everyday we learn something new! That way, I would love to read your...
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    Are you satisfied with your YouTube growth?

    Search for long tail keywords with super low difficulty and decent traffic, post a video with it seo optimized and boost it afte upload 2k-5k high retention views.
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    What can I sell on etsy?

    Generate your own product digital or phisical, something you have a passion (preference), get multiple distribution for initial sales and then create your own website/platform and start redirecting traffic for it. Depeding on third-party platforms will be always a risk in the long term projection.
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    Massgod Discord Marketing | Mass DM, Server Boosts, Member Boosts, Emoji Boosts, Nitro | FULL AUTO INSTANT DELIVERY |

    Review: I've ordered recently and can guarantee this service it's currently working as advertised, intuitive panel w/ decent payment system, overall a great service.
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    How much money to retire in peace?

    Gladly don't need to, thanks.
  9. CreativeDaddy

    How much money to retire in peace?

    That's surviving, not retire. It depends on multiple factors like if you own your house or if you rent for example. You need to calculate your fixed and variable expenses, find a solid number, add X to entretainment and things and that would be the minimum I would have to survive. Also you...
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    GF going to the GYM, would it lead to cheating?

    Get your shit together, get some nuts and talk this out with her. You're the only person who can solve this thing, be a man. If you're not confortable with this situation, let her know. Ask yourself is this job worthed are you happy being away, his she worthed? Maybe it's time to talk with...
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    About real estate selling

    This people really have no ideia what they are talking about. I work in real estate for almost 10 years and people in this thread are sooo wrong.
  12. CreativeDaddy

    About real estate selling

    This thread deserved to be deleted, that's all I have to say.
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