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    Cryptocurrencies are not down, the market is just stabilizing. The crypto market went through a stage in the beginning where a large percentage of the "investors" were simply people wanting to cash in on the fad. This caused cryptocurrency prices (mainly BTC) to get to unrealistic, and...
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    How much is social media verification worth to you?

    Right so from what I can gather here is that verification is important to already established businesses, businesses that are already generating revenue. That is exactly what I was thinking.
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    Need HELP! Got 150k likes and more

    If you PM me I can try and see what your doing wrong. From the information you provided its hard to see exactly what the problems are. You may want to stick with one thing and get good at that first before moving on to other ideas. Facebook likes don't always translate into $ or engagement, it...
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    What network gives you the most traffic?

    IMHO I think its a good idea to do all of the above, IG, Pintrest, and Facebook are probably the best three for what you are doing but the more pages you create the better. Once you have done the work, you can then look at the stats and compare them to see which platforms do better for you...
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    How much is social media verification worth to you?

    Care to elaborate on that?
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    Hi There

    Pick a niche and target audience, attract views/engagement that will translate into sales for you. Grow the business, then sell it or keep it if you like where its going.
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    How much is social media verification worth to you?

    I have created a separate threat regarding followers, this one I want to get your opinion on what "verification" means to you guys. How important is it, how much is it worth in $ etc. For those who don't already know verification is what some people refer to as the "blue tick" that is featured...
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    New to the forum

    Thanks for the tips. I am not necessarily in a rush. Our service is 100% legit so I don't plan on spamming on here.
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    New to the forum

    Hey everyone, I am a new here.