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    The most underrated BHW non JrVip member that deserves to become blue

    Thanks guys but if I really wanted to be I would have been by now.
  2. clock

    What in the world is going on again?

    Tesco has hardly any crisps. I had to go to Morrisons for frazzles, monster munch and hula hoops.
  3. clock

    Who has the highest average reaction score?

    And some people like me don’t give a monkeys about any count. I’d still be the same person and have no interest in inflating anything. It doesn’t serve me any purpose.
  4. clock

    Martina Navratilova was once asked

    I laughed, actually I didn't but now I am. You are right she has never seen that move.
  5. clock

    Am I evil for thinking this is hilarious?

    I drink a can of normal coke every day, have done for years. One of my mates used to drink a 6 pack a day although he has now switched to diet coke. Look at the Warren Buffet diet, is it 5 cans of cherry coke a day? Can't remember. A coke a day keeps the doctor away, or was that an apple?
  6. clock

    How to walk a ferret?

    Did he want to rob her knickers?
  7. clock

    Martina Navratilova was once asked

    She’s doesn’t care how old the balls are either.
  8. clock

    How to walk a ferret?

    The crown jewels in the tower of London would be a good choice for those ferrets to rob.
  9. clock

    Are you already Vaccinated against COVID-19?

    Yes, it’s been around 5 months since I had my 2nd one. No weird growths as yet.
  10. clock

    Explanation of today's world

    There will come a day when a person will have an allergic reaction just hearing the word cheese.
  11. clock

    What to say after saying happy birthday on a call

    It depends who you are talking to. If it’s an old person you could say enjoy it, it might be your last. Middle age, how bad will you hangover be tomorrow. Child, you have taken another step until you’re 18 and can really enjoy your birthday
  12. clock

    This "law of attraction" keep us poor.

    Whenever I saw that mentioned I always thought it was about ways to pick up girls.
  13. clock

    I made 18+ shib video

    This is true duckduck needs to become mousemouse and be squeaky clean
  14. clock

    A trust less environment in your own house?

    If you're broke I doubt he needs a way to copy that. Checking chats and passwords sounds more like something a boyfriend or girlfriend would do. Perhaps he sees you as a much more special friend.
  15. clock

    How often do you triple check your emails?

    Triple? no Double? no Type and Send? yes Mistakes? most probably Care? no
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