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    0% conversion rate with PeerFly

    Peerfly has worked out good for me so far, I just got approved 2 days ago, and have converted several offers. I have not been paid yet, but that is only because my threshold has not been reached.
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    WOW Amazon Associates Is Awesome

    Well, I have been attempting to join a CPA network all week to no avail. I assume it is mainly because I am a newbie in this particular field. I have several domains I would be setting up with the CPA offers, but have not actually made the sites yet, maybe this also is a reason? Anyway, if you...
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    WOW Amazon Associates Is Awesome

    Virus1, you have made my day. Thank you. I am just getting started and just recently had to google 'IM', then I was like 'Oh yeh lol'. Anyway, I now know I am headed on the right track! Don't be surprised if I hit you up for some help when I need it! Thanks again. -chRm
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    Insurance Leads - I own an Auto Insurance Offer - Looking for Affiliates!

    I am quite interested in your program. Please provide more details. -chRm
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    $100/day $uccess!

    Excellent work sir, I too am just starting and look forward to success such as yours. I hope you do not mind if I use you as a reference for a few CPA networks. I have only signed up with one (peerfly), but have not received confirmation as of yet. Do you happen to be signed up with them and...
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    OMG?! Japan is sinking?!

    Looks like 2012 is on its way..
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    Basic SEO practices for newbies:

    Wow. I have been reading this and a few of your other threads all day today and have learned so much. I really do appreciate it. Keep up the good work! -chRm
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    The Complete Guide to Starting a Website [2016 updated]

    :super: Thanks so much! This information is exactly what I've been looking for, and all in one place! I hope one day I may be able to give as much back to the community as you have. Thanks again! -chRm