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    Method For CPA

    You need to find the right product for your intended audience and then figure out how you can best reach that audience with your best targeted adverstising. Test your ads so you know which ones are working the best for you. When you see you are making money with an ad, then scale it up. There...
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    Hello BHW

    Welcome to Black Hat World! First step: Read the rules! Second step: Read the rules again! Third step: Read posts that are of interest to you. Happy Reading!
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    Hello from the US

    Glad you could join us! Happy reading!
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    I've Been Trying to Make Money Online 2 Years Now..,

    There's a ton of stuff on affiliate marketing and Black Hat World is a good place to pick up some nice pointers.
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    Why people buy digital products?

    There are many digital products that people purchase everyday. For example: Software (Apps), Music, Movies, Audio Books, eBooks, Photos, PDF guides, etc. If your product fulfills a need or desire that someone has, they will purchase the digital product. If you are promoting the product to the...
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    What's the best model for e-commerce marketing?

    You have to work with them to help set up tracking of their website so you know when a sale has been made. Once you know that, then you can charge them whatever fee the both of you feel is fair. Try to see what other services are charging percentage wise for the same or similar service you are...
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    The Alien I Captured With a Photo Trap!

    I thought the aliens were here to mine bitcoin, not precious metals! Oh well... ;-)
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    I Need an Expensive Niche

    Reddit. I think we would all be interested in knowing what your method is for that.
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    How to: use two-step verification (2fa)

    You can have a really difficult password, but if someone happens to enter it correctly by shear dumb luck, they get in, and your account is compromised anyway! ;-)
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    How to make money online without selling something ?

    To be legal you must always sell something to make money because that's the rule and the way the game is played. Goods or services must be traded for money. Advertising is indirect selling, but it is still selling something, even if you are selling advertising. ;-)
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    Profit Singularity - anyone using this?

    From the honest reviews I saw of it, they rated it badly, and said to not waste your money on it.
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    I bought the Course...

    There are plenty of free work around software solutions. You just need to know where to look for them. You can always pay legally pay some developer for it too.
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    Hello world

    Welcome to Black Hat World! Read the rules. Read stuff you are interested in. Read the rules again. Post answers to questions you can contribute to. Enjoy!
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    Im looking to make money.

    If it isn't legal I wouldn't do it if I were you. That's a way to get a quick ticket into jail or heavily fined or both! Always be legal.
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    [JV] My investment + advertising skills with your computer expertise

    I was interested in reading until you mentioned payment would be in cryptocurrency. You should offer other ways like PayPal etc.