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    where do bloggers hang out?

    As blogger i hangout with Bong:);)
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    Best free plagiarism tool

    There are free online plagiarism tools 1 .Duplichecker 2. Grammarly 3. Paperrater these have three types of software *Grammer checker *plagiarism checker *Automated proof reading 4.Plagiarisma 5.Search engine reports 6.Plag Tracker 7.Plagium 8.Copy leaks...
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    HI i started new website all in one and how to get traffic

    The system is comprised around five steps to get more traffic to your sites 1.optimize your website content 2.using social media 3.Do content outreach and Guest posting 4.create a system that allows you to Get Recurring Traffic 5.Repackage and Repurpose your content
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    How much time do you take to write 1000 words article ?

    2 hours to spent to typing 1000 words article.
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    Ecommerce and Blog

    These are the bring more traffic to store Invest in google adwords. One of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce site is to pay for it. Start a Referral Program. leverage SEO. Starting a referral program is an easy way to utilize existing customers and drive traffic to your...
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    How to create an e-commerce site?

    Best t Ecommerce platform
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    Need Help, I Lost all my Posts in My blog and Every content in it

    check this site to restore your site
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    Wordpress Autoposter Plugin

    WP RSS Aggregator is the original and best plugin for easily importing, merging and displaying RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site. It’s the most comprehensive and elegant RSS feed solution for WordPress and easy to use.
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    A newbie full of dreams

    Hai lenie,welcome to bhw forum:) -- bongman;)
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    free themes thread

    use this free theme
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    Does it make sense to make a 100% SEO traffic blog?

    These are the sense to make 100% SEO traffic blog 1.Keyword targeting became irrelevant after Google Hummingbird 2.Having an XML sitemap will boost your search rankings 3. Meta tags don’t matter 4.Use meta robots tag to specify indexable pages 5.Top-level domains im 6. Including a target...
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    Mass tagging Instagram accounts on a post?

    Instagram photos which have the maximum of 30 #tags receive, on average, about three times as many Likes than photos with only a few tags. Most of the averages are well-bounded, too, which indicate that the per-tag-Like-averages are well-representative of all Instagram photos.
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    WTF is it impossible to find a good domain?

    yes,you can also try
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    Need a Wordpress advertising plugin with Specific features

    plugin with specific features 1. wp125 2. Buysell adds 3. wp-Insert 4. openX wordpress widget 5. Ad Rotate 6. post layout 7. Advertising Manager 8. Why Do work Adsense plugin
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    Is there any software for fast blogging?

    fast blogging tools