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    CapMonster.Cloud — Automatic captcha recognition service. Сaptchas: $0.3/1K ; reCaptchas: $0.6/1K

    Do you support for enterprise captcha v2/v3? Its been a year from last post, I need to confirm it.
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    Why do people need multiple accounts to advertise on Facebook?

    FB ads is King of Ban account :)
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    Niche edit VS Guest Post

    Niche edit MUST relevant source of topical niche since its inject the topical niche to target sites, while for guestpost its more like getting more authority (it could be relevant source or not relevant). So use it according your need and strategy.
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    GoDaddy Wants $97 to renew 1 .net & .info & .org - can someone recommend a new domain registar?

    I left Godaddy 6 month ago, and every site I left removed, now i'm using DynaDot, its all-round best choice for me, price average-system good-support good-auctions good.
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    Anyone site: only 4 results indexed penalty now?

    It was PBN, so i not pay much attentions on rank, but the target site having a bit volatility. Even it only site 4 list, but some of inner page actually index, but not display if check using "site:root.domain", so I'm confuse if this shadow ban or just merely bug.
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    Anyone site: only 4 results indexed penalty now?

    On my case, my ex. dom. having hiatus (not post anything) around 4-5 month, before it have post every day. I dont know if submission pattern related.
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    MoneyRobot or RankerX

    For best tools its depend on your strategy, but MR are scam for sure, why? I use it before for tier 1 and 2 to enrich backlink profile, and since finished my project, i stop subscriptions, guess what? after 5 month I'm checking the submitted post are gone, not even there anymore, so its just...
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    Anyone site: only 4 results indexed penalty now?

    In my case, although site list 4, but actual post link indexed properly. Is it a bug from G?
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    do you think aliens exist?

    Humans are Aliens to Fish, Chicken, Cow, and Pig :anyway:
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    Why you should make link rings

    Its good to have low budget, but in my experience, Time = Money, so --> Low budget = sLow Result, High Budget = Faster Result.
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    Why you should make link rings

    Why bother if its GSA or not, PBN with GSA or not? Link building strategies should follow/adjusted with the competitor environment, so each niche have different strategies, there is no 1 single solutions for every case, each case are unique. That's why SEO Consultant or Services are still needed...
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    Is SEO Dead in 2022?

    SEO dead = Google dead, helll yeahhh....
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    I have test the proxy, speed are awesome. Support is also quite responsive. Its a good premium proxy.
  14. bolaplay - anonymous IPv4 datacenter proxies for you! HTTP/SOCKS | Unlimited Bandwidth

    What plan for captcha solving soft? For G specifically.
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    plagiarism is 41% is that baaad ?

    Even on scientific journal, there are a good plagiarism in the name of citation and paraphrase, so don't think too much about it. Just make your artikel not 100% same exact copy and paste.